Monday, September 22, 2008

You like me ! You really, really like me ! ! !

Wow! What an absolutely, awesome way to start off the week !!! I cannot believe it! I have been awarded my very first BLOG AWARD!!! omg! Compliments of a wonderful blogger friend Joy who I just *luv* to stalk! Thank You Joy! No wonder you got the award, 'cause girl, there's no doubt in my mind that you're a Kick Ass Blogger, lol!!! And now thanx to you, so am I. =0D

Can I hear a WooHoo?

Woo00000-Hoooooooo ! ! ! !

I wasn't expecting this, I swear! . . . I don't even have an acceptance speech ready. Sheesh! I'm amazed I even have any readers, lol. And now I have an award ?!?!? How frieking amazing is that?

So here are the rules:

Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award.
Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
Mammadawg, the inventor of this award.

The five Kick Ass Bloggers I pass this award to are:
(drum roll please )

First award goes to my absolutely awesome blogging buddy Rachel over at
Livin & Lovin, come on down & collect your award! You definitely Kick Ass my friend, and deserve this award!

Second award goes to another blogging buddy, Tabi over at
Tabi Rambles On... . She tackles the hard questions in life, like how many loads of laundry do you wash a week? lol. She's funny like that, that's why I think she also kicks ass!!!

Third award goes to Kirsten over at
The Soccer Mom Files. If you're in need of a laugh, all you gotta do is head on over to her blog. She funny! And dont' be fooled by her name. She's not your typical soccer mom.

Fourth award goes to Joy at
Joys of Home. I'm very new to reading her blog. I actually just found her blog 3 days ago, but I became addicted to her crafts!!! Thanks to her I spruced up the mantel over my fireplace & even spray painted a basket for 1 of my little tables, lol. I'm going craft crazy! ( and I know I promised pictures... they're coming, they're coming! I'm just a #1 procrastinator like that, lol)

last but definitely not least, Ashley from
Ashley's Closet. If you've never been to her site, you might just hate me 'cause as soon as you click on her blog, you will get addicted. She doesn't sugar coat anything, she tells it like it is & I just *luv* to stalk her blog (yeah, me and thousands of others)

So there you have it folks. You've all been witness to my 1st award! Thanks again Joy! You made my day, no wait... You made my Week! Be sure to check out her blog & all the other awesome winners of the "KICK ASS BLOGGER AWARD"


Rachel said...

OMG...I wasn't expecting this...I would like to thank Solei...who recognizes true blogging talent...awww shucks...she is just plain cool...and luvz her!!
thanks so much!
Ok hopefully I can figure out how to do posting is acting up and I can't space im' all sad cause it's not looking pwetty.

PS I had a drink for you on was a Green Apple Martini...then I had another one...a corona...oh and another 2 bacardi's and diet...then I had some diet for you!!!

Solei said...

hehehe! you're too funny!

I thank u from deep down in my heart for drinking that delicious Green Apple Martini for me (I really needed it). I know you didn't really want to drink and it was a sacrifice for you to down it just for me! ;) So thank u!
And I just love me your entire list of drinks, lol.

Joy said...

MMM a green apple martini sounds good even if it is 9:30 am:)

Glad I made your monday a good one, I just love that blog Joys of home that chick is seriously crafty. I want to go to the dollar store and do her "Boo picture frame" thingy.

Oh I have been stalking Ashley for a long long time she even mentioned my name once in a post about how I always comment and I seriously almost peed my pants, then right after I started my blog she left me a comment and I almost printed it and framed it:) my hubs thinks I am crazy about how I talk about my "friends" he says oh that lady who you don't really know.

Solei said...

I sooo get what u mean about AShley! Shoot, if she ever comes here and leaves a comments, WHOA, I'd want to print that up too! lol

And I sooo already did that Boo Picture frame thingy! It looks so cute, my daughter's loved it! For just under $7 bucks I transformed my mantel, it rocks!!! (for the price of course) lol

Tabi said...

Ahhh I am feeling the luv!! And all your other comments before me on this post are cracking me up! Rachel drinking all those drinks for you was soooo nice!! :P Love it!!

kirsten_dunlap said...

Thanks for my award!! What a great way to start the day!! You go gurl!!!

Joy said...

Congrats on your first award!!!
Thanks so much for passing it one on to me. You are so thoughtful!! I must tell you that I'm really bad at following the rules to these awards. I'm just such a rebel that way.
But I hope you know that I really appreciate it!
Thanks again.

Rachel said...

what do I do on the reward thing...soweee I am new!

Solei said...

Rachel- you basically pick 5 other bloggers that you want to pass the award on to. Just make a post and link to your winner's blogs, then let them know you've given them the award!

You can also click on my "kick ass blogger" pic and save it in your 'puter, then you can add it as a gadget on the side of your blog so you can show off your award!! at least that's how I did it. not sure if there's an easier way. I'm a beginner too~! lol