Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend's Over.... bummer!

So just like that the weekend has come & gone!!!

4 movies, 1 bag of popcorn, 1/2 a can of cashews & waaaaay to much soda later, all the movies we got from Blockbuster have been seen & enjoyed by all. We had a great family night. For once, there was no fighting or crying like the usuals "See my movie first!" or "I don't like her movie" or the famous "She always gets to go first". We actually ALL decided on the movie order, who sat where, who ate/held what... all was good.

So my sidekick ended up picking Nancy Drew, not as good as I would have wanted it to be. Princess chose Bratz, not as bad as I thought it would be. I chose Martian Child, could've been better... But hey, we bonded. We laughed. We didn't cry, bummer. I love a good movie that can make me cry, although it doesn't take much I tell ya. I do have Riding in Cars with Boys, which is a good cry I've been told. Can't wait to pop in into the dvd!!!

But alas, now the weekend's over. Monkey & Princess are peacefully sleeping in their beds (after an hour and a half process of getting them in bed. I swear those girls don't actually get in bed until I start yelling!) I myself don't want to go to bed either, because that will officially end my weekend. Plus, inevitably, if I go to bed now, I will then only wake up to a MONDAY. I don't like those! They scare me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Little Sidekick

Ok, so tonight's "Family Movie Night" a.k.a "we're broke right now & can't afford to go out and do something so I have to plan something fun & creative for my girlies that doesn't cost much $$$ Night"

So me & monkey are in my room getting ready to head on over to Blockbuster & being the good mommy I try to be, I strike up a conversation with her. I ask her "What movie are you going to choose?"

Monkey: (in her best duuuuh voice) I don't know, I'm NOT sidekick!

Me: (perplexed) You're not WHAT?

Monkey: SIDEKICK mom. I'm not sidekick. I don't know what movie I'll choose.

Me: HUH???

Monkey: (almost rolling her eyes now) Sidekick... you know those ones that can tell what'll happen in the future.... Sidekick (finishing with her duh voice again)

Me: (trying to contain my laughter so I don't laugh in my poor daughter's face & crush her self esteem forever) Sidekick??? I think the word you're looking for is PSYCHIC... You know, like Raven... psychics see the future. Now what YOU said, sidekick, that's like a partner, you know, like Batman & Robin.

Monkey: Wait. I know. How does it go? "The batmobile lost its wheel & Robin laid an egg....." What does that have to do with it mom? ( Still having no clue what I'm telling her)

Me: I'm trying to tell you the difference from what you said to what you mean. You meant psychic, but you said sidekick.

Monkey: What does Batman have to do with this?

Me: You know, Batman has a partner... a sidekick. Ok forget Batman. Hannah Montana, her best friend Lily is her sidekick. Spongebob, his friend "whatever his name is" is his sidekick.

Monkey: Oh, and Raven... she's a sidekick!

Me: (definitely rolling my eyes at this point) Forget it. I'll find out what you choose when we're there. After all, you're not sidekick!