Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekend Recap... MidWeek lol

It's already Wednesday... Like O.M.G !!! I can't believe it!!!
This weekend (yeah, this weekend, I'm that behind lol) was absolutely awesome! Of course I haven't been able to tell you all about it because of my previous bitch fest and job hunting fiasco. But I promise not to bore you all with that today. Today is a fun day! Today is a better day! I pinky promise...
So, remember how I told you all that I'm going camping in January with all my little Girl Scouts? Well to be able to do that I had to take some training (of course) and that training was this weekend. Basically, I had to go camping to learn the ropes and what to do and not to do. Anyways, that was this weekend. The very same weekend that the weather dropped down to 25 degrees!!!!! Uh huh... twenty five degrees!!!! I'm telling you, I just about cried myself to sleep that night... You should have seen me. I had my brand new sleeping bag that I just bought this black friday (which is good for 30 degree weather) which I thought would be perfectly ok because it never, ever gets below 30 here at all. Not even close... Maybe once or twice a year it will go down to 35 or so, but that's it. So I should be good, right???? Hahahaha... Oh so wrong! I'm telling you, I was fu-ree-zing!!! I had (now don't laugh ok) 3, count them 1-2-3 sweetpants on, 2 pairs of socks ( 1 of the normal ones and the other super soft and warm ones) 2 undershirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 sweatshirt with hoodie AND my super warm fleece bathrobe on. PLUS a fleece blanket inside the sleeping bag.... and guess what ???? I was STILL cold !!! No, I'll take that back, I wasn't cold. I was fu-ree-zing ! ! ! I almost, almost cried... ( and the mom that went with me later confessed that she did shed a tear, lol) And I couldn't fall asleep 'cause I just couldn't get comfortable. And there is absolutely NO tossing and turning inside a sleeping bag... go figure. Which come to think of it, it's actually my first time in a sleeping bag. Wow! I didn't realize that I was a sleeping bag virgin until now! Whoa, I was de-virginized and I didn't even know it! Anyways, I couldn't sleep. I was cold. I was miserable and I missed my hubby. We ALWAYS hug at night, and although he probably wouldn't admit it, we cuddle too. And of course, we end up falling asleep like that in each other's arms.... but he wasn't there!!! I was cold and had nobody to hug! That my friends was so not cool. Which then of course made me make a mental note, bring a body pillow next time. Definitely!!!!
And during my sleepless night, all I could do was think. Yup, thinking about January when I just have to go again, only this time with 12 little girls and all I could think was how the hell are they all going to survive??? They'll probably be coming to my cabin crying and complaining that they are cold. Sh!t, if I'm cold and suffering I have no frieking idea how they are going to survive! But they better, 'cause I'm not giving them my blankets! That's for sure!
And then, morning came. We got up and I swear I did not even want to change clothes. Heck no! that would mean having to take off what I had on to put something else on (which was probably really cold). I was miserable I tell ya! But then, we headed to the kitchen and started making breakfast. Everybody was out there... talking, laughing, sharing stories, bonding. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Then, we learned games, how to read compasses, tie knots, identify wild things and such and I loved it!!! I felt like a little kid, learning new things and being amazed with all that I was learning.... and that's when I realize that the 12 little girls that I take camping will absolutely love it too!!! They might hate that first night just like I did, but once day breaks and we start all our activities.... they will have so much fun! And most of them have never even left the city, none the less go camping. So just thinking of that made my adventurous 25 degree weather experience seem a little bit better. The final outcome would definitely make a difference in the live's of those 12 little girls.
I can't wait for January!!! Well actually, yes I can. But I do look forward to going! I feel a lot more prepared and capable of handling the trip and the girls, but the weather... that's another issue! lol

Just Me Bitching 'bout Life...

Major Complaining Ahead:
This is your free pass. Your get out of jail free card... Your warning. This is a long, whiny post that pertains to this moment in my life. Feel free to skip, or read at your own discredtion.
As you must all imagine, being that I'm currently out of a job and nobody seems to want to hire me right now, or is really, really, really dragging their feet in doing so, money is a really big issue around our household lately. Mainly because we don't have ANY of it... Only hubby is working (the poor thing) and guess what??? They just informed him that they are cutting back ALL overtime hours!!! As of today, he will be punching out at 3:30...
OH MY LORD! We were barely getting by with the couple of overtime hours he was getting per day (and by barely getting by I mean not having enough money that we had to borrow (ouch! yes borrow) from a family member to make ends meet!) And now.... Lordy Lord, now... I do not, can not even imagine what this coming month is going to be like for us. I'm only hoping and praying that somebody, ANYBODY from the million and one places who have received my resume calls me back. If not, I am sooooooooooo frieking desperate that I will soon be asking people if they want fries with that. I am NOT kidding. We NEED money, and there is absolutely no shame to working in any of those places where you have to ask that question. Granted, I haven't worked at one of those places for over 10 years & I have mastered other skills that don't pertain to that working environment, but at this point, yes I think I have reached that point... I will take anything! As long as they give me a paycheck at the end of the week I'm good. Especially right now! Out of all the times in the world to be out of a job, Christmas time . . .
And yes I know, Christmas is NOT all about the presents. That I know. But it just sucks not to have money!
It's a mixed bag of emotions for me right now. And I'm sorry for all the complaining that I've been doing lately, hence the warning at the beginning of the post. I know that we are blessed! We are truly, truly blessed. That I know, and that I repeat to myself every single day. But I'm tired of my girls asking me for things, just simple things and my answer always having to be the same. That I don't have the money for that right now... Poor girls, they've heard it so many times that they've even changed their questions to "Mommy, when you get a job and you have money, can you buy me ____________ ?" Now THAT breaks my heart.... My babies are fully aware of our money issues and that just tears me from the inside. As if me and hubby being stressed wasn't enough, I have been so careless as to letting them find out and now it's in their minds. Sh!t! Little girls shouldn't have to worry about money issues, should they???? I don't want them to be stressing over things they can't handle... over things that I should be able to take care of for them.
Lucky for them, Christmas is going to be absolutely GRAND! (somewhat) even though we don't even have a Christmas tree or any decorations inside the house they will have one present under the tree for both of them. Yes, so far only 1 and they have to share it. They usually have 2 big presents each (one from mommy & daddy and the other from Santa. Oh shit, I'm probably going to have to tell them that Santa didn't get our new forwarding address). So the 1 present they get to share is a gift that many, many, many little kids would just absolutely LOVE to have. And of course my girlies are no exception to the rule. They have no idea! They will be absolutely ecstatic! They are getting... get ready for this.....
a Wii
Ok, stop it. Don't start throwing shit at me and saying how you were sympathizing with me and how could we be out of money but still be getting them a Wii???? I told you I know we are truly blessed. And no I didn't go without paying the bills to get them that Wii. Um, nope! I'd rather have running, hot water in my house thank you very much!
Actually, if it wasn't for my wonderful, generous, adorable, kind hearted sister they wouldn't even have that gift from us. See, my sister knows that my hubby really wanted to get them 1 this year. She was at the store and saw it (and she knows they're still somewhat hard to get by) so she called and asked if she should get it for us and just pay her back. Um, no we said. We don't really have the money for that now and we don't want to be forever endebted with you. But guess what??? She got it anyways. And she mailed it over to us and poor thing... First thing out of her mouth was don't get mad. Please don't get mad! That it is NOT from her to the girls, but that it is for the girls from US! WTF, how???? Remember, we can't pay you back for this, not now, not in a reaaaaaally long time. And the last thing we need right now is to owe more people money. Well, no need to pay her back she says ... Huh?!?!? I'm confused. See, she knows what a poor Christmas this will be for us and how special we wanted it for the girls so she got it for us to give to them and she practically gave it to us. She is of course better off than we are, duhh! But her reasoning is that basically hubby has helped her out a lot over at their house. See, he's very handy and always helps her with electrical stuff around the house, fixing things, making things for her, this and that. Also, she has a rental property here in the city where we live, and hubby fixes things that get broken, cuts the grass when it wasn't rented, and stuff like that. So she said she's always wanted to send us some cash and she knew we wouldn't take it, so she decided to send us this Wii as a form of payment. Now we get to give the girls the gift they've wanted for a very long time, which is NOT even on their Christmas list because they know there is no chance in hell that they'd ever get it!!!
What?!?!? I'm freaking out!
She should have sent the MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, my big sis is an angel in disguise.... She aleviated our problem a bit, but in a way made it worse. how will I ever pay her back??? Not moneywise of course, but.... I don't even have money to get her kids a small gift. This totally and truly sucks!
See what I mean??? Mixed bag of emotions. Elated that the girls are getting a frieking awesome gift when many kids might not even be getting anything, yet so many things that we need to have or do that won't/can't get done.... Ugh! So whatcha think, should I sell the thing on ebay and cash in on the money????? Lol
Thanks for reading. You all truly are little angels in disguise too! I'll try to be in a better mood tomorrow, I promise!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Do I Look Like??? A Clown?!?!?!

don't answer that!
I am so far surviving the 'interview process' for this company that I applied for, and I am about to SCREAM!!!!! Yes, I survived! But these people, I swear. The nerve of them! Making me jump through hoops and put on a show for them, all because I want (need) a job. They take advantage of my poor, pathetic, vulnerable little self.
Yes I need a job.
Yes I want to work for them.
But come on, wasn't 2 interviews the previous day enough?
NO you say!
What is that you say?
That you feel the need not only to torture me with a panel interview, but to also, when I think I'm done and I just survived your 'panel interview', you go ahead and throw me into a smaller room and make me "ROLE PLAY" with 3 shmucks in there. Yes, putting me through such grief as being interviewed by 10 people at the same time wasn't enough for you huh??? No! You weren't done having your fun with me. You then just HAD to have me do something that had ABSOLUTELY.NOTHING.TO.DO with the position for which I was applying for. Just go in here you say and role play these following situations. Ummmmm.... you know what??? You should thank your lucky stars that I'm a team player & wtf, I was already there so I just went with it. But I was soooo ready to just laugh at the HR lady's face and say are you serious?!?!? Am I on Candid Camera or something?!?! But no, I kept my composure. As I said earlier, wtf, I was already there. I already gave you my time, my gas, my pretty perfume, my nice slacks, I did my hair, I actually washed my teeth for you people, so hell yeah I was gonna stay there 'til the end. So of course I pulled shit out of my ass for you people. Yes, that's right! Out of my ass!!!! You wanted to bullshit me so I bullshitted your people back. And not to pat myself on the back (ok, totally to pat myself on the back if only to make me feel better) I did a pretty great job at it. Yes, I can tell the shmucks in there were pretty impressed will all the bullshit thrown their way, which again I reiterate had ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. TO. DO. WITH . THE. POSITION. FOR . WHICH. I. AM. APPLYING. FOR. and yes, I am screaming!@ #!$ (Not at you my bloggy friends, sorry! ) But at them!!!

So going back just a little bit, as you can see I just had my panel interview and besides all the frieking curve balls they threw my way, I sooooooooooo nailed it. Just like I thought I would, ok actually just like I hoped I would. And guess what? If I thought the original 4 0r 5 that were going to be in there was a scary thing, then how about opening the door to a ginormous table surrounded by about 10 people. Frieking shit! What to do?!?!? What to do?!?!? So I did the first thing that came to mind to break the ice... I flashed them!!! Yup, I did. I showed them my boobies... After all, my goal WAS to nail them, right???? Lol, just kidding... although that would have helped cut the fiasco short and I could be on my merry way much faster. But anyways. I feel dirty. I feel used. I feel like if I sold myself as best I could, like hire me. Please, please, please hire me. I'm the best that there is, the best you can get. I'll work my ass off for you. Pretty much just grobble at their feet, and now the ball is in their corner. Will they pick me up off my knees ( from begging people, not anything else you dirty minded cochinos) and tell me that I'm exactly what they've been looking for?
(((( enter big, big sigh here))))
I sure hope so. 'cause I'm sure getting tired of being poor. And to think that all this for nothing???? OH hell no!!!!
So did I nail it?
Yes, I'm pretty damm confident that I did!
But did I get the job?
Well, that was pretty much a don't call us, we'll call you type of deal. CRAP!!!
But wait, then low and behold............. THEY CALLED!!!!
Yes, they did! They called me back!!!
I told you I impressed them!!!
But anyways, it was a good call. Unfortunately, NOT to tell me that I got the job, but to let me know that I will be advancing in the interview process. WHAT.THE.FUDGE!?!?!??!? ok, now I am screaming AGAIN!!! It's an ok job, but like I said, not for the presidency, or their vp or ceo or anything even remotely close to that! So what's up with all this frieking hoop jumping????
2 interviews in one day with of course 2 different people. CHECK!
A panel interview with 10 different people. CHECK!
A "role play" with 3 schmucks in a small office. CHECK!
A personality test to be emailed to me..... Still waiting on that one!
And then only God knows what the heck they'll have me do...... Geez, Louise!
So that's where I'm at people. I did good... I nailed them, without having to nail them, if you know what I mean. But the saga continues. On the super sunny side, I just got an email from a different company that states that "After an initial review of your application, it appears you may have the basic qualifications for a job opening(s) at _____________ (a really cool place to work at that has super duper great benefits which I would in the blink of an eye take over this other one that is treating me like a clown making me jump through all those hoops) breathe!
So after this email, do I just wait for them to call me? Or should I call them? Hmmm, I probably will call them just to confirm that I received the email..... I'll let you all know when I'm out of the broke barn, okie dokie!!!!!!

Panel Job Interview..... WHAT?!?!

The sun is shining!
The birds are singing!
I think I even see a rainbow!!!!!!!!
Nah, I'm just lying people. It's actually about 50 some degrees, super windy and quite cold around here today. But in my own little world ( my head ) it looks like the 1st scenario. =0D
You see, after being out of work for over 4 months... yes, f-o-u-r months, I had my 1st interview yesterday. And guess what? I absolutely nailed it !!!!!!!! Yay me! ( patting myself on the back for a job well done! and thanking the internet for giving me all the right answers, lol. Seriously, no need to feel nervous when you're getting ready for an interview. Just google the questions you know they'll ask and you get a humongous assortment of great answers! ) So much so that the 2nd lady that interviewed me actually told me she was very impressed with me... okay, okay. I threw in the 'very' 'cause it makes it sound better, BUT she did say she was impressed... Yeah, why wouldn't she be, right?!?!? I tend to do that to people, you know, impress them!
( hahahahahahahahah , excuse me please ... even I had to laugh at that one )
Well anyways, I got her approval and now I move on in the hiring process.
I have a panel interview today!!!!!!!!!
Did you all hear that?!?!?
A panel interview!!!
wtf! I'm not applying for state governor or anything. Why do we need a panel of people interviewing me?????? Isn't only one enough!!!!!
If I was nervous yesterday before my interview when only 1 person was asking me bs questions like: tell me a little bit about yourself, why should I hire you over the other applicants, what skills will you be bringing that differ from everybody else's, where do you see yourself in 5 years, what is your weakness, what is your strength, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah! Now can you imagine 4 or 5 different bigshots sitting there, asking me their own questions?!??! I not only have to bs 1 person, but a whole bunch of them. Wow! I can easily bullshit myself through 1, but 5 at a time... Why oh why must they gang up on me????
Breathe! Just breathe!
((( taking big breaths here )))
I just have to repeat to myself: I believe in myself. I can do it. I have what it takes. I'm a hard worker. I. AM. A . BADASS!!!
Just a couple hundred more times of repeating this to myself and I will believe it.
And then I will nail this panel interview as well. Oops, that didn't sound right. Not that I will nail the panel, but I will nail the interview with the panel. Hmmm, although the 1st scenario sounds like it would definitely help my chances of getting the job.
Hmmm, something to think about I guess.
In the meantime, can you all just cross your fingers for me? Please send good wishes and good vibes my way. And if it isn't too much to ask for, I'd love a little prayer. I really, really, really need this job. At this point I'd almost take ANY job, but the good thing is that this sounds like a pretty decent one so I'd really, really, really like to get hired by them. Hopefully good wishes and prayers work, 'cause I really don't wanna nail all 5 of them, lol!!!
((( kidding ok, just kidding!!! )))

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tantrum Is Over!

Just like a little kid, all those tantrums I threw and for nothing.
Well, because I did end up participating in Black Friday!!!!!!!!! WooooooHoooooooo!
Well, the cheap way of course!
See, come January me and my Girl Scouts will go camping....... YIKES!!! I know. I know. WTF was I thinking?!?!? Camping?!?!?! Me.... Seriously!!!!!!! I do not even remember when the last time I went camping was.... Definitely BEFORE getting married or having kids. Definitely BEFORE I was the one that had to organize anything. I was the kid that had the mom and aunts that had done all the planning, packing, cooking, shopping, etc. I just went, little ol' me was scared to death and had an ok time camping. By ok time I mean that I survived and that was a victory for me 'cause I was oh so scared of being out in the wild! I swore never to return. That was it. I guess I must have forgot that last part about vowing never to return because now, OMG, now.... I'm the adult!!!! And not only will I be in charge of my own 2 kiddos, I'll also be in charge of all the other little girly girls that go with us!!!!!!! Again, WTF was I thinking?!?!?!?! Apparently not much. Well, maybe that I'm the leader... And that the girls begged me to go camping... and that the 2 major things people associate with Girl Scouts is Cookies (which we'll be starting in January) and of course camping. So I was suckered into it. That and now the girls think that I'm the coolest person ever!!! Of course, they pretty much think I'm cool anyways, but now, I'm at the very top of their list.... =0D
How pathetic am I???? My goal is to be cool to a bunch of little girls?!?!?! lol.... Anyways, back to the topic here people. Since we're going camping, me and my girls need sleeping bags. 1 for me, 1 for Princess and 1 for Monkey. And not the regular ol' sleeping bags, but the good kind. Cause of course, being the geniuses that we are we're camping in mid winter and it very well might get to be super, duper cold. Genius right??? Well, it beats 110 degree weather. So anyways, we needed sleeping bags that withstand 30 degree weather... not the ones they already have. Noooooooooooooo, that would just be too easy on me and what fun would that be?!?!? Then Murphy wouldn't be doing his job right, now would he? Soooooooooooooo..... I was all bummed that I'd be missing black friday...but I just HAD to look at the ads anyways. I love doing that! I just love it!!! Of course knowing very well that no matter how good the sales were I could not go, because we just don't have the cash for anything that we don't absolutely need right now... luckily they don't charge for the air we breathe or we'd probably be dead right now, lol.... not so funny if it's true!!!! Sorry! Anyways, Sports Authority had the good sleeping bags 66% off! The sleeping bags that are originally priced $30 each were only $10 for the good kind, the ones we actually needed. I could not believe it!!! Meaning instead of paying $90.00 for 3 bags, I could pay $30.oo. Now that's a deal! But low and behold, then, once I read the fine print, it ALSO said that the first 100 people in line would get a $10 gift card towards that day's purchase. WHAT?!?!?!?! So if hubby and I go, that was 2 cards, which were equal to $20.oo. So hubby got a card and I got another one. We bought the 3 sleeping bags that we absolutely needed (unless we wanted to freeze to death while camping) which even on black friday would have been only $30, but thanks to the 2 cards they discounted $20 and we got all 3 for only $10!!!!!!!!!
And HE listens!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had no frieking idea with what money I was going to buy those sleeping bags, and then this pops up!!! I was ecstatic!!! We are now 1 step closer to go camping. Yikes! Well that's just plain scary! But the good part was that thanks to this I was able to participate in black friday!!!!!!!!!
Geez, I guess volunteering does have its advantages!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Forgive My Tantrum

Black Friday is THIS Friday and I wanna go!!! But I can't! (((( Whaaaaaaaaaa! ))) Cause I'm a broke ass loser........
And if you can just imagine this, the Sunday newspaper is my most favorite paper EVER because of the ads in it, so can you imagine how much I love the Thanksgiving day paper with all those Black Friday ads!!!!!!!!!! JACKPOT! !!
I know, I know... lots of you would think that I must be absolutely crazy to even want to get up at 3 am only to deal with the cold and then deal with the parking issue and the crowds.....! I live for that! It is a tradition. In fact, I'm the one running over you with my shopping cart, 'cause bitch, you better move the fudge out of my way 'cause I gotta get that 75% off gift before you do! Yup, you heard me... MOVE!!! oOOPS, did you fall?!?!? lol... just be sure to wipe off my footprints from your face when you get up!!!
(((( Whaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaa! ))))
Please excuse this grown woman who's throwing a full, blown out tantrum just like a little kid. But this is the first year I will not be able to participate in this lovely tradition of ours. Ahh, how me and my hubby look forward to this day of shopping together. In fact, I can hardly ever get him to go shopping with me. But for some reason he has no problem getting up at 3 am and heading out to the stores with me on Black Friday. On this day, we are partners in crime! Only this year, it can't be....
And believe me, I am sooooooooooo tempted to raid my little girls' piggy banks. Their tooth fairy & grandparents are quite generous and they do have some nice cash stashed away. Maybe I should stick my hand in there and go shopping after all. They would be saving us from breaking a family tradition. Plus, after all, the gifts will be for them anyways so the money ends up going to its respectful owner, right???? So that's my plan for being able to do Black Friday this year. Either that or holding up the bank.... so I'm leaning towards their the piggy banks instead. I don't look good in stripes.
What would you do????????

Friday, November 21, 2008

WARNING! Hiking in November... Not Such a Good Idea!

Ahhhhhh, the nice warm indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooo glad to be INSIDE a heated room right now. Why? Well, let me just share with you that I just got back from a field trip with Monkey's class. nice! fun! right?!?! WRONG!
Who the hell thought that hiking in November during 50 some degree windy weather would be either a fun or an educational field trip for 5th graders, huh ?!?!?!? Who?!?!?

Well let me tell you something, it might rightfully end up being somewhat educational. After all, it's a very good possibiltiy that we all came down with FROSTBITE! If not that, definitely a runny nose & maybe even a cold later. Our lesson learned: Next time there's a hiking field trip in winter time, just stay home. Geez, really! Who was the braniac that thought of this?!?!

During cold, windy, winter days don't you think inside activities would be better? ( A smart person would!) Apparently the person that was in charge of organizing this year's field trip is not smart. Actually, he or she is rather dumb I'd say. OR (aha!!! I just had my aha moment!) THat person doesn't like the teacher that went on the field trip. That's why we were tortured hiking in the cold, cold, windy day! I say that person should get fired. most definitely I am starting a petition for that! To be fair, we should let that person choose, either get fired or let their ass go out into the cold, cold wilderness and let them freeze their butt off like my girls, her classmates and I did. Yup, that's the punishment they deserve!

Then again, that's what I get for volunteering, again! What the heck is wrong with me always volunteering when somebody needs help? I really gotta learn how to say NO! But of course my Monkey was happy that I was there, and besides nearly freezing do death and not being able to feel my fingers, I too was pretty happy to be there with her. After all, if I start working it might be one of the last field trips that I'll take with her in a while. (((( sigh ))))

But for now, I'm glad it's over. Let this be a warning to you all... DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO GO AS A CHAPERONE ON A HIKING TRIP IN NOVEMBER!!! It's really not a smart thing to do. Learn from my mistakes. Just stay home, watch tv right by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Let the other losers that didn't read my warning freeze their butt off! Yup, You're Welcome! =0D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life Must Go On ...

Today's been a pretty crappy & bummy day for me.

I've been really stressing out lately, a lot. Especially at night when all is quiet. Instead of sleeping like I'm supposed to, my brain starts thinking of all this nonsense mumbo jumbo. Why can't my brain just not care and fall asleep like it's supposed to?!!??! No! It stays awake at night, thinking about all the payments that are coming up, the past due bills, how my car is low on gas, how we're hosting Thanksgiving at my house, how the mortage is coming up in 2 weeks, we're running low on groceries and that there is no money in our bank account. NOTHING!!! Kind of sad... So I'm just walking around, tossing and turning thinking to myself how the heck will we get through this???

I know I should count my blessings, and I do. I really, really do. I truly and genuinely appreciate everything my dear God has blessed me with, beginning with and including Life itself, Health, Love and Family. Those are things money can't buy. And to be truthful, in that department, thanks be to God, I am good. And I am truly grateful because like I said, those are all things money can't buy. And money is what my problems seem to be about these days. And don't get me wrong. Yes, I'll definitely take money problems any day of the week over health problems, or family problems, life and death issues, and divorcing due to lack of love... I am definitely a lucky gal and I am a millionaire in blessings. I have been happily married to my wonderful husband for almost 11 years, we have 2 great daughters, the perfect dog and our very own house. We're all healthy and in love. We love spending time with each other, no major health problems or the like. We're most definitely rich.... IN SPIRIT.

But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, the cold, hard cash reality.... Well, let's just say we are broke. And not just broke, but broke broke!!! B.R.O.K.E.!>!>!>!

I spent all day at the Workforce office setting up my profile, creating my resume and searching job openings. I've been e-mailing prospective employers left and right... Hopefully I can soon get a call back and find myself on my way to a 9 - 5 pretty soon. YUCK!!! Typing that left a sour taste on my fingers. I really don't want to go back to a 9-5, I love spending time at home with my girls and having dinner ready for them when I pick them up from school. I love being available when the nurse calls that my daughter's head hurts and she's crying. No prob. I just run out the door and pick her up within 5 minutes time. Field trip, no prob. I'm there! Early release, days off... Come to momma! But unfortunately this cruel, cruel world is actually expecting me to pay my bills, and give people money in exchange for food and gas... damn it! So I must start working! Again, yuck!

Now mind you, I didn't know that our situation was that bad. Hubby had just been like Well if you wanna work that's ok, if not we'll just cut back on some things. Well now it's changed to we can't make the payments unless I work........... But that all comes about because he just had his hours cut at work. I guess I should be happy he HAS a job. Now I need to get a job, and 2 paychecks will be better than one. Right????

(((((( Enter BIG sigh here )))))))))))

Please, no pitty party. I guess this is just my way of venting out, releasing my frustrations, taking out some of the stress... It happens to the best of us, and now more than ever. I know there are many, many families out there in worse situations. But this is something that I am dealing with at the moment, and it's not really something I want to talk to somebody in person about. So thank you all for listening/reading.

(((( enter more sighs here)))))

Now I'm off to read your posts to brighten up my day!!!
That's one of the many reasons I love blogging. I just cleared out everything off my chest and now I get to go brighten up my day with your stories!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Inlaws Are Coming, The Inlaws Are Coming ! ! !

Oh me !
Oh my !
The in-laws are coming !
The in-laws are coming !
Here I am running around like a lunatic preparing for the grande arrival of the 2 people that made it possible for me to find *LOVE* in this big & lonely world:
My In-Laws!
Did they introduce me & hubby? No!
Did I know them before hubby? Um, again No!
Then why are they the reason I found love???
Well, after all, it is because of them having um , well um, loving each other which then resulted in them having procreated the most beautiful little baby in the entire world. Then that beautiful newborn grew up to be quite a handsome, loving man who I met when I was 17 and he was a very mature, older 21 years old. Gasp!!! So we met, fell in love, made love & had children of our very own. Now here we are, the typical family with a Hubby, Wife, 2 kids and a dog.
Without my in-laws having fallen in love in the first place, none of these wonderful things in my life would be possible. And for that I love them! And although I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to make sure everything's in order and in place, I look forward to picking them up at the airport this afternoon.
The bathrooms are scrubbed. The fridge & pantry are packed (and clean). All the towels in the house are clean. Beds are made. Laundry is done (although I still have to put it away) The house is as good as it's gonna get so they better like it, lol. For now, I'm enjoying my last hours alone, 'cause starting this afternoon I will be 'entertaining' my in-laws for quite some time. But I don't mind, really.
So this house of 4 will quickly turn in to a house of 6 until God Knows When. . .
Hubby sure is happy with his parents coming over, so if he's happy then I'm happy!
ok, why am i not being allowed to space in betweeen paragraphs????? this looks very ugly, like some big, run on post... on my page it's separated like i want it to be, but when i hit publish, it's all crammed up together!!! Yuck! Oh well, it must be something really easy to do, but never did I claim I was smart!
* lol, i put a dot in between so it can't go back. So blogger, what you gonna do now, huh??? You got outsmarted (if that's even a word), but you did!!! And now the post looks decorated with those cute dots, lol!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Love Hurts I Tell Ya . . .

This morning my dear, loving husband woke up in pain . . .
Why??? You ask.
Well I must admit that it is my fault that my poor hubby was hurting. Yup, I said it. My fault! No, I did not beat him. He's given me no reason to, lately that is. just kidding people.
So that said that I did not bitch slap him, the reason he's hurting is because I slept on his arm & chest ALL. NIGHT. LONG ! ! !
After all, who needs a pillow when the best spot in the world is right there in your man's arms???
Only this time I didn't roll off onto my side of the bed like I usually do. I stayed right there in his arms, the best place of all!!!!!!!!!!!!
And being the loving husband that he is, he didn't push me off of his arms to relieve the pain. No he didn't. He could have, right? But no. My love just let me sleep there without much care at all for his arm.
He might not be the most romantic husband in the world. He's not very good with little details, definitely not the romantic type, mushy type or anything like that. But I know he loves me and I love him. And in his own subtle way, him letting me sleep on his arm the entire night with no regard for his pain, well that just reminds me of how much he loves me.
This is just one more way of proving that LOVE HURTS.
But in a good way!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You'll Go Down in History ! ! !

Today is the day that will no doubt go down in American History ! ! !
Barack O'bama is our new President Elect

Yes, yes... I know you are all tired of all the political talk out there and are probably glad it's finally over. I get that. But I just couldn't let this day pass me by without acknowleding the fact that we are experiencing American History in the making. Like McCain himself said, even if you didn't vote for Barack, he is now our future President and we should support him every step of the way. Which I will and hopefully you all will too.

Ooh, and did you all see Rev. Jesse Jackson & Oprah crying?!?!? My daughter (knowing who Oprah is of course) was mighty upset that she wasn't in the front row, lol. She was very perplexed that Oprah was actually mixed in with the crowd of Obama supporters instead of front row, where apparently my daughter thinks she belonged. Speaking of my beautiful daughters, they had lots and lots of questions about the election process, the candidates, all the red and blue colored states, the whole thing in general... like most kids I would imagine. But me being the SuperMom...Not, when they hit me with a question I just made up a whole bunch of answers that sounded somewhat good to me! lol Hey, I'm no political analyst. I know about as much as they do so I just made up answers as quickly as they thought of more questions!!!! LOL!!!
Kidding people, just kidding! Seriously, just kidding ok.

What I did find pretty funny was 1 of Monkey's questions this morning:

Monkey: Mom, will Obama winning for President be in the History Books?

Mom: Oh yeah Babe! Most definitely it will. It's a very important time in American History right now.

Monkey: Oh. Well that just makes me feel old.

Mom: Why?

Monkey: Cause now I actually lived something that will become History. And kids will have to learn this... and I lived it! Wow! I do feel old!

Ummm, okay, lol... I hadn't even gotten up out of bed this morning when we had this conversation, so I couldn't elaborate with her on the topic, but whatev. I just thought it was really funny and super innocent on her part!

Well, I'm now off to buy the newspaper with Obama on the front cover!!! My paper subscription is only for the weekends, which is when I get my deals and coupons, lol. But I think today calls for actually going out and buying me a copy. Maybe 2 actually. 1 for each of my girls.......

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to All !

What day is it today people? ? ?
Are we excited ? ? ?
Are the kiddos in their costumes yet? ? ?
Because their stupid school doesn't allow that!!!
That sucks, huh?
What will they dress up as at night ? ? ?
Princess will be Tess from Camp Rock ... She loves that costume and sings her heart out into her play microphone whenever she's 'trying it on' Of course nobody will have an idea what the heck she's dressed as, but who cares! She does and she loves it!
and Monkey wanted something funny, so she's recycling Daddy's inflatable horse costume from 3 years ago and she will be wearing that, along with a bandana and cowgirl hat. She does look super,duper funny! After all, her daddy won 1st place for funniest costume about 3 years ago.
What will I dress up as tonight? ? ?
I suck! Nothing at all... Although I'd love to, but I can't justify spending any money on a costume for me right now. Maybe next year (although I do say that EVERY year and it never happens) Why do I have trouble spending money on me??? Buying the kids or hubby something is never an issue to me, but buying ME stuff, not so easy....Geez, that makes for a whole 'nother post, doesn't it?
Anyways, here's wishing you all a safe & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a wonderful time, make great memories with your kids and enjoy all that wonderful candy you get to steal from your kiddo's bags... Yum!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help!!! Help!!! What Should my Girl Scouts Sell at Rummage Sale?!?!

Just to keep you all updated, I am still suffering in the ice ages without internet access. BooHoo, Waaaa!!! yup, that's me crying... I do that everyday to get myself to sleep. Seriously! So I apologize to all my blogging buddies with whom I haven't been able to comment for a while. I suck, I know. I am however popping in and reading your blogs, so don't you think I don't luv you all 'cuz I do. I just don't want my 1 hr here to finish so I haven't been commenting, soooooooooooorry! But On the flip side, the librarian here in town is my new BFF. Yup, that's right. We're tight now, lol. Just kidding! I don't befriend nerds! Just kidding again, I befriend EVERYBODY! Even nerds, LOL!

Anyways, now that that disclaimer is out of the way, I have a problem/question for you all to help me solve. Yes, I trust you all that much. I know you will come up with a solution to my dilemma.

So here goes:

As some of you know I am a Leader for a Girl Scout Troop at my daughters' old school. Yes, I did stay. I didn't quit on the girls, I luv them all too much! Anyways, we will be doing a craft fair as a troop, meaning that we'll be renting a space and then (hopefully) sell some stuff to make some $$$$$$$$$$$$ for our troop. So there's my problem..... WHAT SHOULD WE SELL?!?! The craft fair/Rummage sale will be 3 1/2 weeks from now, on the 22nd of November... so we only have 3 meetings to work on making items to sell.

So far we've thought of making those flower pens, which are pretty cheap to make and look really cute!!! And who doesn't need a pen, right??? Anyways, I'm looking for cheap, ummm that sounds bad, ok, I'm looking for inexpensive things that I can have my girls make to sell. I wouldn't like to waste too much money on supplies because there's no guarantee that we'll actually sell what we make. Although, whatever we don't sell, we've talked about donating to a homeless shelter, nursing home, their teachers or a hospital. Depending on what we have that didn't sell.

This will be a great business experience for the girls and I know they'll have a lot of fun working on this little project, but I wouldn't like the troop's bank account to go bankrupt if there's no assurance that we'll make the money back. So here's where you all step in.... Donate the money to buy the supplies , hahahaha. I'm just kidding again! Unless you're filthy rich, then I'm NOT kidding. No, even if you are filthy rich, I'm still kidding. All I want from you guys is your ideas as to what the girls can make so that we can sell. I have 3rd graders to 5th graders, although some of those 5th graders are pretty up there in age, if you know what I mean. Not very good studiers I assume. But we know what happens when we A$$ume, so I will assume no more, lol.

Anyways, we cannot sell food items. That is a no no! So bake sale is out of the question.... And although I would like to articulate some more on this here topic, this stupid computer just advised me that I have less than 5 minutes left. So I really got to end it here. Damn It! I really must go befriend that librarian...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Isn't It Funny How Fast This Year Has Flown on By?!?!?

I can't believe how fast this year is coming to an end... I very clearly and vividly remember the very first day of 2008 as if it were yesterday. Ah, yes... a beautiful, cold, wintery day. There we were in our old, tiny 2 bedroom apartment, all cramped in. Friends and family were over and there we were, drinking the night away & welcoming in the new year with lots of optimism & good wishes of wonderful things to come in this new year.

Fast forward 9 months an dhere we are in October a.k.a the beginning og the End of The Year Celebrations. 2008 is almost over. Gone. Finito. And we are no longer in our tiny, cramped 2 bedroom apartment but in our very own house! There's no doubt that this year has been full of wonderful, wonderful blessings for me and my family. First and foremost, we are all alive & healthy. Sounds simple, huh? But I truly believe that that's something that too many of us take for granted on a daily basis. Just being able to wake up every morning next to the man I love. Being able to get up off of my bed and standing on my very own 2 feet. And then seeing my daughters be able to do the same, day in and day out, running around the house... singing, dancing, laughing, crying, fighting, basically driving me crazy!!! That is all the proof that I need that they are healthy, happy little girls and that is what I am most grateful for. All the rest is just icing on the cake. and thanks to God, this year, as gloomy as it may have seemed at one point, has provided us with soooooooo much frieking icing on the cake that WOW, I can be nothing but grateful. We have been able to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning our very own home. Not an apartment. Not a rented house. Not a leased house. But our very own house!!!!! OUR house!!! Never would I have imagined being so happy to actually pay a bill. Yes, I said it. I am ecstatic when I actually write a check toward the end of the month and put it in the mail because it's the payment toward the mortgage of our very own house! That is the best spent money ever!!! Just ask my girls and they will confirm that. My girls, my poor, poor girls. They're so good! They not only know, but understand, that since we now have a house payment, which also includes taxes, insurance, much larger bills, maintenance, etc. we have less cash to go around to do the fun little extras in life... And they're so good about accepting that. I kind of feel guilty. But whatever, with their very own room with brightly painted walls in their very own chosen colors, new furniture and bedding in there, that should be good consolation enough! Right?!?!?

Back to my point, here we are looking Halloween dead in the eye. We're less than 2 weeks away from it! Costumes, candy, trick or treating... I can't wait! Then of course comes Thanksgiving. Mmmmmmmmmmm, turkey.... Again, I can't wait (except for the part of me havin gto cook and all, but the end result is so worth it!) And then immediately following Thanksgiving comes one of my favorite holidays= BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Can I hear a WooHoo?!?!? What?!?!?! It's NOT a holiday???? Well it should be, lol... 'cause there's a party in my wallet that day!!! And then, the culmination of all holidays, the best of the best..... CHRISTMAS. The best day of the year, for many, many reasons I cannot even begin to cover here. And after that, we bid this wonderful year of 2008 farewell and again welcome in a new year, hoping and wishing for bigger and better things in 2009.

I'm stressing already! just thinking ahead about all these festivies that are so fast approaching. I feel like a deer caught in the headlights, just standing there staring straight ahead, knowing its coming my way, but yet I can do nothing but just stand here in awe...
My sister and friends already started buying Christamas gifts... Sh!t I haven't even gotten my girl's a Halloween costume!!! WT??? And you already jumped ahead 3 events?!?!?

Either I am the greated procrastinator in the world (after all I did buy my baby's costume last year 1 day before Halloween) or I like to live in the moment. Yeah, let's go with that one. It sounds more positive, don'tcha think??? LOL. Either way, this year is soon coming to an end. I just realized that and I am flabbergasted (ha!!! I bet you didn't realize that I knew such big words! Yeah, I can pop those out every once in a while, lol) So off I go to get started with the 1st End of Year Celebration a.k.a Halloween. Hopefully they still have costumes available for my girl's in their sizes, 'cause we don't want to reproduce last year's fiasco of me actually trying to make one myself. That was a joke!!! And no, I didn't keep my promise of learning to sew and be so good that they'd be begging me to make them their costume. Let's just say life gets in the way. Yup, either that, or I am in fact the world's best procrastinator. Judge for yourself!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Hello There !

Hi my wonderful bloggin buddies!!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! And better than ever!!!!!!!
Just kidding, I'm not back, back! Just for a bit, here at the library, ugh! But better than ever, heck yeah! I thank you all for letting me know you miss me! I appreciate that more than you will ever know! Seriously, I am not just saying that. I really, really mean it. Thank You and I miss you guys and your blogs too! Like I said, my coffee has lost its wonderful flavor without you all by my side to read in the mornings.

Sooooooo many things have been happening people, in YOUR lives and MINE ! ! !
How the heck can that happen?!?!?
You mean the world keeps revolving & life goes on as normal even when I'm without internet?!?!? WT, who'd a thunk????

My sweet mommy was here visiting for 2 whole weeks!!! I just put her on the plane yesterday and I miss her already. And yes, I cried. I'm such a frieking crybaby. I can't believe I'm 28 and I still cry when my mommy leaves. How absolutely pathetic can I be?!?! While driving back home after dropping mom off, I turned to my lovely offspring and I was just consumed with this enormous love and sadness.... My mommy left! But I was so happy that she was able to come out and visit us. I got to hug her and sit on her lap! (yes, I'm 28 and I still sit on my mommy's lap. Just like I tell my girls, in the near future they will be 30 years old, but to me they'll still be mommy's little girls and that's how my mommy sees it too. I'm her baby!) I'm very thankful with God that she was finally able to see her baby daughter in her very 1st home with a wonderful husband and 2 wonderful girls. The complete package. And momma was proud! I know it and she told me so.
Thank you God for letting my mommy witness that. What more could a parent ask for than to see that her children are happy and doing ok for themselves??? and thank you for letting my girls spend some quality time with their grandma. Everything from attending Cheer Competitions, to practices, to having grandma help them put up a lemonade stand and going to school to eat lunch with them.
THANK YOU GOD for all the wonderful blessings you have given us!!! They are NOT taken for granted...

So mommy's now gone home and although I still don't have internet, I will now have more time to sneak over to the library every now and then to read up on you guys and write a post or two. So I'm half back, lol.....

But I AM better than ever!!!
just like wine baby......... just like wine!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Peek-A-Boo... I See You! For 1 hr at least, lol

Just to keep you all updated, I haven't dropped dead YET ! ! ! This dumb process has been slow & super painful, and although it feels as if no internet is seriously killing me, I have not dropped dead... at least not YET! But alas, I'm still here and with LOTS and LOTS to say, LOTS and LOTS to read, and LOTS and LOTS to comment on... But I can't... because I still don't have internet and I'm here at the library... AGAIN!!! Uggggggggggggggghhhhhh!!! So please don't forget that I love you all. Expect comments from me when i'm up and running again....

I also want to let you all know that I love you all for the sympathetic comments. Please keep me and my internet in your prayers. Hopefully I can be up and running again soon, and I will no longer be dying a slow and painful death without internet...

In the meantime, I want to super duper thank a wonderful blogger, the one and only Mamarazzi from Dandelion Wishes. She has HONORED me with 2 super cute awards... The first one is the "I Big Red Puffy Heart Your Blog Award" and the second one is "Super Commenter Award" She absolutely rocks. I found her not too long ago, and I have been a stalker to her blog ever since day #1. If you've never been to her blog, you should seriously do so right now. You'll definitely be entertained! She's awesome!!!

And I would love to SHOW you the 2 awards she gave me, but when I tried to copy them to post on here, this is what I encountered, A little grey box pops up with the following statement:
"Umm, yeah... Hi! This is mamarazzi and you are like trying to copy off MY blog. Try asking PERMISSION and uh, shame on YOU! Seriously, NOT cool!"
Ha!ha!hahahahaha!!!! See, I told you she was funny! She seriously has a sense of humor you guys... So I will be asking her permission and passing on these cute awards, but that will have to be later my friends. This stupid library computer is about to kick me off sometime soon.... That, and there are people hovering around just waiting for their turn. Can't they see I have some important things to do on here?!?!? Like read blogs!!!!!!! lol

So until then, happy blogging!
And remember, I'm not dead, just MIA...........

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Suffering from Withdrawls

My internet is out ! ! !
I have no access to Blogland, and it'!!!

I am seriously going through withdrawls. I miss reading all my favorite blogs while drinking my most delicious cup of coffee every.single.morning. My coffe just doesn't taste the same without all of you there anymore.

I miss you all so much I just HAD to come down to the public library and type up a post to explain my absence. I love you all! I miss you all! I'm going crazy without my daily reads. But I have learned to always look at the positive sides of things, so I guess the positive of this is that my house is definitely a lot cleaner these days. It's a miracle what you can pull off when you're not busy reading or writing blogs =0D

Oh, and my lovely mother is flying in today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooooooHooooooooo!!! She'll be staying with us for 2 weeks! We are all ecstatic, and I'm sure she'll take much of my time away from you guys as well... But she's on a different time zone, so hopefully she'll sleep in and I can do my blogging in the early morning (when my internet is up that is) and only God knows when that will be!!!

Well my lovely Blogland Friends. you are all very much greatly missed. My mornings suck without you all to read, but I'm surviving. It's not pretty, but I am surviving. Hopefully we can get this internet thingy up and working soon. Until then, I'll be popping in every once in a while........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Monkey, WHY?!?!?

Dear Monkey,

Why, oh why, dear Monkey of mine are you so adamant about talking back to me? Is it the new craze with kids your age? Are you a rebel without a cause? Are you trying to test your limits with me? Are you pre-pmsing? WHAT???? I need to know. Seriouly, 'cause it's driving me crazy!!! You say you're not talking back, but you are. And again, it's driving me crazy!!! That is not like you! Not like you at all!!! Where is my sweet, "yes mommy" answering little girl??? I want her back...

And in case you are doubting ever talking back to me, let me just remind you of what happened yesterday. As you're walking upstairs to your room the following conversation between you and me takes place...

me: Monkey, take your backpack with you. You left it on the living room floor.

Monkey: I want to leave it there. I always do.

me: But it doesn't belong there. Come pick it up and take it to your room.

Monkey: But I told you. I always leave it there. I'll put it in the hall closet when I come back down.

me: (practically fuming at this point. Trying to be patient, but you're working on my last nerves right now!!!! After all, I've told you twice to do something, and you have talked back to me twice already... Here comes the 3rd one!) I didn't ask you if you always leave it here or not. I am TELLING you to come pick it up and take it with you! I clean all day long for you to just come home and leave a mess all over the house.... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Monkey: But I never take it upstairs. I always leave it in the hall closet.

me: Well then put it in the damn hall closet but don't leave it in the middle of the living room floor!!!

Then you cry 'cause I'm screaming at you . . . I'm sorry! I really, really am. I wish that I wouldn't lose my temper so easily and I wish that I didn't scream at you. I just don't know what to do... I'm seriously at a loss. I can't physically make you stand up and do what I just told you to do so maybe I think that raising my voice will make you understand that I mean what I'm saying. I don't know. But you'd think after FOUR times of telling you to do something, you'd listen. But you don't!

And this my dear Monkey is what is happening in our house lately on a daily basis. I have told you in person and I am telling you again in this letter. I do not like it!!!! I do not like you talking back to me, and I do not like that I lose my temper and then scream at you.... It seriously ruins my day. It makes me feel like a bad mother. And I don't like that feeling. I don't want to let you down.

I know I raised a good girl in you. You're absolutely awesome in each and every way possible. Shoot, you're most definitely awesome!!! You help me out around the house a lot, without me even asking you to !!! You always put all the groceries away when we go grocery shopping. Thank you!! I hate doing that, and you know it, that's why you do it! You come and help me when I'm cooking. You help your sister get ready in the morning and help her pick out her outfits. You get good grades at school. You always think of others before thinking of yourself. In fact, you're the one that made us start recycling. You're super nice, outgoing, super duper funny... the list could go on and on... You totally rock!!! And I've told you that many, many times. I love you so much!!! So much more than words can ever explain. I love you like only a mother's heart can love.

But right now, that sweet little baby girl of mine has 1 really great, big, fat flaw. Talking back to her mother. I wish I could understand why you are doing this. But I don't. I wish I could make it stop, but I can't. Only you can. So please Monkey, go back to being the good, respectful little girl that you've always been. We'll all be much happier this way. I promise you I will do my best to control my temper... I will try very, very hard not to scream at you. I just might make my tongue bleed from having to bite it to prevent myself from yelling, but that might just be something I'll have to do for you. Whatever it takes babe, I promise I will do my part. Please do yours. Let's make this a happy house again for both of us. No more screaming. No more talking back. No more attitude. I hope you seriously consider what I just said. After all, you will have more than enough time think about it, you know, since you've been grounded and all. Hopefully, the weekend you'll be spending in your room will be enough time to help you realize all that's going on. I sure hope so, 'cause I surely wouldn't want this to continue much longer. Plus, being grounded forever sounds like no fun either.

See babe, don't mess with mommy! At the end of the day, she has all the power to ground you, take the phone away, take the tv away, and make you stay inside all weekend long!!! And I'm not doing it to be mean. I'm doing this because I love you. You've seen for yourself how bad kids can get to be. You've been witness to it at school, so much so that you've come back home thanking me for being your mom. I told you you rocked girl! You've even thanked me for being your mother. What kid does that? Thinking back at that makes me realize that I've been doing something right. And I definitely want to keep it that way. You're my baby and I only want what's best for you. So think about it Monkey. Will you keep talking back?

Love always and forever,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Loot from This Week at CVS

Just a little fyi for you all that might not know me on a more personal level. I'll be sharing a little bit of a background as to who I am. I currently am a SAHM mother of 2 beautiful little girls. Well, they're not so little actually, 7 & 10 but they sure are beautiful. Anyways, we just recently purchased our very 1st home about 3 months ago (WooooHoooooo!) and not a month after that, the department in which I worked for was closed down and outsourced to another country. Yup! That sucked! So we are now having to manage to get by on only 1 income (poor hubby)... New house payment & ALL the bills, plus food, gas, etc. etc. etc. And the way the economy is right now, not helping! Let's face it, times are tough! (Although I'm not complaining because although times ARE tough for us right now, there are people that are far worse off, so I thank God everyday for what we do have)

Lately it's been really hard on hubby. He's such a great worker, puts in lots and lots of overtime to make ends meet, but we are nonetheless pretty much living paycheck to paycheck right now. We're making ends meet, but very, very tightly. So much that I seriously considered NOT going to Target anymore for the necessary/ yet un-necessary items like Shampoo, Conditioner, deodorant, toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, toothpaste, razors, etc. They're necessary, yes I agree . . . I don't think hubby will appreciate if I completely stopped buying that and then I'd be stuck with stinky pits or stinky breath. The problem was that every single one of those type of trips meant at least $100.00 out the door. Easily! Why??? Well because Hubby has his own shampoo/conditioner & bodywash brand. I had my own shampoo/conditioner & bodywash brand. The girls have their own shampoo/conditioner & bodywash brand. Just in that alone it could easily be over $40.00, so anyways, I was considering it not a necessity at this moment to purchase name brand, but that we could survive off of the Dollar Store items. ( geeez, I know. I know. But I just had to find a way to make our money stretch) They have all those items for only $1.00 so that $40.00 bill could turn into $9.00 easy.

Yet, right before I actually went ahead and did that, I stumbled upon a little unknown secret that I've blogged about before. You can read it here. It's the miracle of coupon clipping combined with CVS specials and extrabucks back. I am soooooooooo loving CVS right now, because thanks to them I don't have to do the $1.00 items. I can continue to use name brand, and in many cases pay the same prices that the dollar store has... Yup, $1.00. Other cases, things are FREE!!! And other times, they're a bit more (but still at a great deal) so then it's up to me to decide wethere or not I want to get the item.

So I am sharing with you my 2nd shopping trip to CVS... I did a lot better than last week when I got a free deodorant. See, I told you! Even cheaper than the dollar store! Anyways, this is what I got...

The original total was $45.43. That is what you pay WITHOUT coupons. But me being the lady you hate to be behind in the cash register, I handed the cashier all my lovely coupons. After she scanned those, the total came down to $24.28. WOW ! ! ! That's a pretty good deal! I saved over $21.00 just by clipping coupons!!!! But wait, that's not all... CVS also gives you money back for buying certain things. I got a total of $14.79 extracare bucks back ! ! ! Those extracare bucks are just as good as money for all future purchases, and believe me I'll be using them next week when the new sales come out. So, all in all, taking into consideration the coupons and the money back, the total I paid for the above items was $9.49.

I am sooooooo not kidding you! Only $9.49 for 11 items. That's even cheaper than the dollar store!!!

So let me break it down for ya! ( and for most of you this might be boring, and think nah! this is too much trouble. And that's ok. Not all of us NEED to look for bargains. But I do, and I know I'm not the only one. So if I can help at least 1 person who might be going through what I'm going through, then it will be worth it!)

Fusion Razor w/batteries $1.00 (This alone costs more at regular price than what I spent for ALL these things combined!!!)

Sunsilk Shampoo $1.00

Sunsilk Mousse $1.00

Dawn Dishwashing Detergent .75 cents

Vaseline Men Cream $1.50

Vaseline Cream $1.50

Colgate Total $1.15

Colgate Total $1.15

Tide $3.99

Covergirl Foundation = FREE

Covergirl Eye Smoother = FREE

plus taxes of course... came out to about $13 bucks or so, then had $4.00 coupon for CVS so it came down to the $9.49..... Believe me, I will be at CVS every week ! I am loving the thrill of getting things at such great prices!!! I do need to find a way to get more coupons though!!! I'm thinking of buying an extra Sunday paper just to get some more.

Well, I hope I can help somebody with this information. It really is not that hard. This is only my 2nd trip to CVS and look at how great I did!!!

Happy Shopping!

*****For those of you without CVS, I'm sorry! There are great deals to be found there ... Walgreens does have something similar, I'm thinking about trying them also. I'm thinking about going today for some shampoo thing they have going on, I'll be sure to let you guys know if I do. I'm just a bit hesitant to doing Walgreens because they have a combo of MoneyBack offers (which are good!) but they also have MailIn Rebates (which are bad!) at least for me. I am #1 procrastinator. Most likely, that rebate will expire before I put it in the mail!!! So we'll see how that works.

And from my research (ha!ha! that sounds funny) I've found that different states have their own different type of stores, and many, many offer these type of promotions or something similar. I've read of some great deals and get all worked up and excited only to find out we don't have that store anywhere close to me, sooooooooooooo no good for me. But once I get the names of those stores, I will post them. Who knows, maybe those of you that don't have CVS might have one of those other great stores around.

And as for how to get started... Subscribe to your Sunday Newspaper, or just go out and buy it! EVERY Sunday!!! There should be at least 2, sometimes 3 packets of coupon inserts. Cut them out, ALL of them... Even if it's something you don't use or think you don't need. Why? Let me explain a real life situation.... haha, mine.

That sunsilk shampoo that I bought for $1.00. I don't use that brand, so I shouldn't clip the coupon. Right???? WRONG!!! I clipped it anyways. It was save $1.50 off any shampoo/conditioner. Then there was another $1.50 off any Sunsilk hair product. So wouldn't you know that CVS had them on sale for 2 sunsilk products/$7.00, PLUS you get $2.00 back for buying. So $7.00 was sale price, then apply the 2 coupons (1.50 + 1.50 = 3.00) it comes down to $4.00 for both, but then you get $2.00 back, so you pay $2.00 for 2 products, hence $1.00 each ! ! ! Let me tell you, my Monkey used that mousse on her beautiful hair this morning and mmmmmmmmmm, it smells good!!! And it was only $1.00!!!

Ok, so you have your coupons. Good. Now inside that same newspaper there should also be a CVS flyer with the weekly sales. Look it over and compare the sales to your coupons... It might take some time, but it is well worth it. A bit of advice, look very closely at all the ones that give money back. Those are usually the best deals, and if you have a coupon for that same product, even better. Once you know what you're getting, go on over to CVS and sign up for your ExtraCare Card. They'll give it to you on the spot. Then just do what you went for!!!!! You can start off small, like I did last week with 1 deodorant just to test the waters... fyi, they usually have 1 free item every week!!!

Please, if you go. let me know your deals! k?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WW~ Makeover on Abandoned Building

Abandoned building near downtown BEFORE coming in contact with my very own Girl Scouts!!!
Not very pretty looking.
Full of ugly tagging !

And here's the AFTER pictures. Once my lovely Girl Scouts were done giving this old, abandoned building a makeover ! ! !

Much better, don'tcha think?
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You like me! You really, really like me!!! PART 2

So yesterday I got a facelift. You noticed, right?!?!
Yes, it's me... SuperMom...Not. You're in the right place.
Only now I'm looking even more beautiful and hotter than ever, don'tcha think?
Well, yesterday I had a makeover and then this morning I wake up to an award!!!!!!!

Coincidence??? Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Do you think my award was given to me because now, all of a sudden I'm hot?!?! I'm no longer a plain and boring looking blog with a generic template but now I'm looking gooooooood?!?!? Damn good!!! (pardon my french people) Well, let's ask, shall we?

Hey Diane,
Did you give me my award because I'm purdy now?!?!?
tehe! =0D

I'm just kidding!
Diane, you know I'm kidding!!!

My blogging buddy Diane from Diane's Addled Ramblings has so generously passed on to me this "One Sweet Blog Award" (and not because I'm purdy now, but just because I'm sweet! )Awwwwwwwwwwww people !!! She thinks I'm sweet ! ! ! !
Thank You Diane! I think you're sweet too! Not to mention very funny!

So I present to you my 2nd blog award ! ! !

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

I'm feeling the love! You like me! You really, really like me! Again, Thank You!

Now to pass on the love! I didn't see any rules on Diane's post, and she passed it on to 4 bloggers, so I guess I'll do the same! First off, to my super sweet blogging buddy Rachel over at Livin and Lovin. Can you tell I really, really like her? She got my 1st award too! ~ I'd also like to pass it along to Joy from wyattabbymom. She's so sweet! She's the one that honored me with my 1st award! See people, what goes around really does come around! ~ And then, I'd like to pass it along to Weeksie50 from Smile, It's Becky. Talk about sweet! She most definitely is, especially with her stories from her little kindergardeners! ~ And the last award goes to ( and let me tell you this is really hard! I love many, many, many different blogs out there, but I can only pass it on to 4) so the last one goes to Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Talk about sweet! That barely even begins to describe her!

So those are 4 of the really sweet blogs that I love to read! Thank You again Diane for passing this sweet award on to me!

This SWEET blogger is signing off........... for now!