Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Forgive My Tantrum

Black Friday is THIS Friday and I wanna go!!! But I can't! (((( Whaaaaaaaaaa! ))) Cause I'm a broke ass loser........
And if you can just imagine this, the Sunday newspaper is my most favorite paper EVER because of the ads in it, so can you imagine how much I love the Thanksgiving day paper with all those Black Friday ads!!!!!!!!!! JACKPOT! !!
I know, I know... lots of you would think that I must be absolutely crazy to even want to get up at 3 am only to deal with the cold and then deal with the parking issue and the crowds..... but.I.love.that! I live for that! It is a tradition. In fact, I'm the one running over you with my shopping cart, 'cause bitch, you better move the fudge out of my way 'cause I gotta get that 75% off gift before you do! Yup, you heard me... MOVE!!! oOOPS, did you fall?!?!? lol... just be sure to wipe off my footprints from your face when you get up!!!
(((( Whaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaa! ))))
Please excuse this grown woman who's throwing a full, blown out tantrum just like a little kid. But this is the first year I will not be able to participate in this lovely tradition of ours. Ahh, how me and my hubby look forward to this day of shopping together. In fact, I can hardly ever get him to go shopping with me. But for some reason he has no problem getting up at 3 am and heading out to the stores with me on Black Friday. On this day, we are partners in crime! Only this year, it can't be....
And believe me, I am sooooooooooo tempted to raid my little girls' piggy banks. Their tooth fairy & grandparents are quite generous and they do have some nice cash stashed away. Maybe I should stick my hand in there and go shopping after all. They would be saving us from breaking a family tradition. Plus, after all, the gifts will be for them anyways so the money ends up going to its respectful owner, right???? So that's my plan for being able to do Black Friday this year. Either that or holding up the bank.... so I'm leaning towards their the piggy banks instead. I don't look good in stripes.
What would you do????????


Diane said...

Awwww... I'm sorry you can't join in on what is, in my opinion, the most awful day of the year :). I refuse to go anywhere near a store on Black Friday, but like you, couldn't if I wanted to this year. I feel your pain :(

Tabi said...

I actually have the desire to go this year for some reason! I never want to go but I am in the mood this year!! Maybe something will work out and you and hubby can go!!

Joy said...

I would SOOO raid the piggy banks, you can always leave an IOU in there and when you get rich pay them back :)

I don't usually do it , but will be checking the paper out and seeing if there is anything worth while.

Mamarazzi said...

i feel ya...and i am crying along with you! boo hoo!

Rachel said...

So did you go? I stayed my happy ass home and decorated and relaxed!