Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now I understand why People Homeschool !

Homeschool? Who'd ever be crazy enough to want to homeschool their kids? The answer now is so simple......... ME ! ! ! ! Never in my wildest, scariest, craziest dreams would I thought of this as an option ( and it really isn't since I don't know the slightest thing about teaching & there's no way on earth we could afford to have me quit my job and homeschool my kids full time ! ) It's not an option, really...but I am seriously considering it. How scary is that?

Let's just say I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very dissappointed with our public school system. (I'd really like to add a lot more very's to that, but my fingers got tired of the same motion, don't want carpal tunnel, lol) NOW I know why I'd always hear people complaining about the pss (public school system) all the time. See, my kids had always been in a private schools. Always meaning their short 3-4 years of schooling. A Christian private school. We're NOT Christians. We're Catholics. No biggie, they were great with them. They were receiving a very good education at this private school. But the only reason they were in private to begin with wasn't because I didn't believe in the pss, it was because the pss in my area didn't have after school care that I needed for my children because I worked until 5pm, and could arrive until 5:30 to pick them up. Pss didn't offer that, so Private was my only option. And they loved it, and so did I... except for the monthly check writing, cost of uniforms, books, daily lunches, charges for field trips, etc..... the $$$$$$$$$ part of it. =D But my girls always got good grades, always on honor roll, love school, teachers, friends. All's fine and dandy!!!!!!!!! They were happy. I was happy.

Fast forward to us moving to another state, hence a different school district. This school district offers after school care until 6pm, for FREE!!! Woooohoooo! Plus, I have a new job that I actually pick them up right after school, no need for them to stay in child care unless they want to stay and play with their friends. The outcome??? We don't need to pay for Private school anymore. The kids can go to a public school, right? Sure. No prob. They're great. **** Big, Big sigh!!!***
What was I thinking??? Public schools only care about teaching the kids what they need in order to pass the 'state test'. A humongous part of their school year is spent studying for that stupid test. But that's not even my concern. It used to be, I had a problem with anything, all I'd have to do was go to the principal, express my concern and then she'd show all the empathy in the world and take care of the problem for me. Right away... No problems! Why? 'cause she liked the check I'd hand over every month and did whatever it took to take care of the problems so we don't pull our kids out of their school. Nice!!!!!!
Now, at a public school, the principal listens, shakes her head up and down, pretending to listen to me, while I know that all along she doesn't give a crap. Like lady, you're not paying for nothing. You're not doing me any favors. You're not happy with our system, get in line!...............................................................

I'm so upset I can't even continue to type! My daughter's had the worst year at school, yet this stupid lady cares nothing about it, saying it's my daughter's word against the teacher's word. And she's the BEST teacher they have! Ha! What a bunch of crock... I'll tell you the best teacher you had was the one you sent to a different school due to seniority. That's the best teacher you had. This one, she should be in the marines. She's a friekin drill sargeant yet she's only dealing with 4th graders. My daughter's too scared to ask for help because she threatens to suspend anybody if they talk. And if she's the BEST teacher you have, then she should have the BEST most well educated kids in the school. Her entire class should be on the honor roll system because after all, she's the BEST teacher... Ah contraire madame... Not 1 of the children in her class made the honor roll system! What does that tell you about her teaching skills? They're obviously not learning from her, or what are you gonna tell me> Does she have all the bad kids??? Or is she a bad teacher that doesn't educate them enough or correctly to get good grades to make honor roll. I'd take a chance to choose the 2nd one, because let me tell you my daughter has made honor roll EVERY SINGLE QUARTER, SEMESTER, YEAR that she's been in school.... ALWAYS!!! And the first time she didn't get it was with this teacher. And that's not even my complain. 2 quarters have passed, she hadn't gotten it... no biggie. 4th grade. a lot harder. maybe my daughter's not getting some of the stuff, that's what I used to think. But don't come telling me she's your best if she can't educate good kids well enough to get decent grades that they'd gotten all along before YOU!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! To be continued..... Too mad, upset, frustrated, impotent, disillusioned to continue at this moment.