Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Forgive My Tantrum

Black Friday is THIS Friday and I wanna go!!! But I can't! (((( Whaaaaaaaaaa! ))) Cause I'm a broke ass loser........
And if you can just imagine this, the Sunday newspaper is my most favorite paper EVER because of the ads in it, so can you imagine how much I love the Thanksgiving day paper with all those Black Friday ads!!!!!!!!!! JACKPOT! !!
I know, I know... lots of you would think that I must be absolutely crazy to even want to get up at 3 am only to deal with the cold and then deal with the parking issue and the crowds..... but.I.love.that! I live for that! It is a tradition. In fact, I'm the one running over you with my shopping cart, 'cause bitch, you better move the fudge out of my way 'cause I gotta get that 75% off gift before you do! Yup, you heard me... MOVE!!! oOOPS, did you fall?!?!? lol... just be sure to wipe off my footprints from your face when you get up!!!
(((( Whaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaa! ))))
Please excuse this grown woman who's throwing a full, blown out tantrum just like a little kid. But this is the first year I will not be able to participate in this lovely tradition of ours. Ahh, how me and my hubby look forward to this day of shopping together. In fact, I can hardly ever get him to go shopping with me. But for some reason he has no problem getting up at 3 am and heading out to the stores with me on Black Friday. On this day, we are partners in crime! Only this year, it can't be....
And believe me, I am sooooooooooo tempted to raid my little girls' piggy banks. Their tooth fairy & grandparents are quite generous and they do have some nice cash stashed away. Maybe I should stick my hand in there and go shopping after all. They would be saving us from breaking a family tradition. Plus, after all, the gifts will be for them anyways so the money ends up going to its respectful owner, right???? So that's my plan for being able to do Black Friday this year. Either that or holding up the bank.... so I'm leaning towards their the piggy banks instead. I don't look good in stripes.
What would you do????????

Friday, November 21, 2008

WARNING! Hiking in November... Not Such a Good Idea!

Ahhhhhh, the nice warm indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooo glad to be INSIDE a heated room right now. Why? Well, let me just share with you that I just got back from a field trip with Monkey's class. nice! fun! right?!?! WRONG!
Who the hell thought that hiking in November during 50 some degree windy weather would be either a fun or an educational field trip for 5th graders, huh ?!?!?!? Who?!?!?

Well let me tell you something, it might rightfully end up being somewhat educational. After all, it's a very good possibiltiy that we all came down with FROSTBITE! If not that, definitely a runny nose & maybe even a cold later. Our lesson learned: Next time there's a hiking field trip in winter time, just stay home. Geez, really! Who was the braniac that thought of this?!?!

During cold, windy, winter days don't you think inside activities would be better? ( A smart person would!) Apparently the person that was in charge of organizing this year's field trip is not smart. Actually, he or she is rather dumb I'd say. OR (aha!!! I just had my aha moment!) THat person doesn't like the teacher that went on the field trip. That's why we were tortured hiking in the cold, cold, windy day! I say that person should get fired. most definitely I am starting a petition for that! To be fair, we should let that person choose, either get fired or let their ass go out into the cold, cold wilderness and let them freeze their butt off like my girls, her classmates and I did. Yup, that's the punishment they deserve!

Then again, that's what I get for volunteering, again! What the heck is wrong with me always volunteering when somebody needs help? I really gotta learn how to say NO! But of course my Monkey was happy that I was there, and besides nearly freezing do death and not being able to feel my fingers, I too was pretty happy to be there with her. After all, if I start working it might be one of the last field trips that I'll take with her in a while. (((( sigh ))))

But for now, I'm glad it's over. Let this be a warning to you all... DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO GO AS A CHAPERONE ON A HIKING TRIP IN NOVEMBER!!! It's really not a smart thing to do. Learn from my mistakes. Just stay home, watch tv right by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Let the other losers that didn't read my warning freeze their butt off! Yup, You're Welcome! =0D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life Must Go On ...

Today's been a pretty crappy & bummy day for me.

I've been really stressing out lately, a lot. Especially at night when all is quiet. Instead of sleeping like I'm supposed to, my brain starts thinking of all this nonsense mumbo jumbo. Why can't my brain just not care and fall asleep like it's supposed to?!!??! No! It stays awake at night, thinking about all the payments that are coming up, the past due bills, how my car is low on gas, how we're hosting Thanksgiving at my house, how the mortage is coming up in 2 weeks, we're running low on groceries and that there is no money in our bank account. NOTHING!!! Kind of sad... So I'm just walking around, tossing and turning thinking to myself how the heck will we get through this???

I know I should count my blessings, and I do. I really, really do. I truly and genuinely appreciate everything my dear God has blessed me with, beginning with and including Life itself, Health, Love and Family. Those are things money can't buy. And to be truthful, in that department, thanks be to God, I am good. And I am truly grateful because like I said, those are all things money can't buy. And money is what my problems seem to be about these days. And don't get me wrong. Yes, I'll definitely take money problems any day of the week over health problems, or family problems, life and death issues, and divorcing due to lack of love... I am definitely a lucky gal and I am a millionaire in blessings. I have been happily married to my wonderful husband for almost 11 years, we have 2 great daughters, the perfect dog and our very own house. We're all healthy and in love. We love spending time with each other, no major health problems or the like. We're most definitely rich.... IN SPIRIT.

But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, the cold, hard cash reality.... Well, let's just say we are broke. And not just broke, but broke broke!!! B.R.O.K.E.!>!>!>!

I spent all day at the Workforce office setting up my profile, creating my resume and searching job openings. I've been e-mailing prospective employers left and right... Hopefully I can soon get a call back and find myself on my way to a 9 - 5 pretty soon. YUCK!!! Typing that left a sour taste on my fingers. I really don't want to go back to a 9-5, I love spending time at home with my girls and having dinner ready for them when I pick them up from school. I love being available when the nurse calls that my daughter's head hurts and she's crying. No prob. I just run out the door and pick her up within 5 minutes time. Field trip, no prob. I'm there! Early release, days off... Come to momma! But unfortunately this cruel, cruel world is actually expecting me to pay my bills, and give people money in exchange for food and gas... damn it! So I must start working! Again, yuck!

Now mind you, I didn't know that our situation was that bad. Hubby had just been like Well if you wanna work that's ok, if not we'll just cut back on some things. Well now it's changed to we can't make the payments unless I work........... But that all comes about because he just had his hours cut at work. I guess I should be happy he HAS a job. Now I need to get a job, and 2 paychecks will be better than one. Right????

(((((( Enter BIG sigh here )))))))))))

Please, no pitty party. I guess this is just my way of venting out, releasing my frustrations, taking out some of the stress... It happens to the best of us, and now more than ever. I know there are many, many families out there in worse situations. But this is something that I am dealing with at the moment, and it's not really something I want to talk to somebody in person about. So thank you all for listening/reading.

(((( enter more sighs here)))))

Now I'm off to read your posts to brighten up my day!!!
That's one of the many reasons I love blogging. I just cleared out everything off my chest and now I get to go brighten up my day with your stories!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Inlaws Are Coming, The Inlaws Are Coming ! ! !

Oh me !
Oh my !
The in-laws are coming !
The in-laws are coming !
Here I am running around like a lunatic preparing for the grande arrival of the 2 people that made it possible for me to find *LOVE* in this big & lonely world:
My In-Laws!
Did they introduce me & hubby? No!
Did I know them before hubby? Um, again No!
Then why are they the reason I found love???
Well, after all, it is because of them having um , well um, loving each other which then resulted in them having procreated the most beautiful little baby in the entire world. Then that beautiful newborn grew up to be quite a handsome, loving man who I met when I was 17 and he was a very mature, older 21 years old. Gasp!!! So we met, fell in love, made love & had children of our very own. Now here we are, the typical family with a Hubby, Wife, 2 kids and a dog.
Without my in-laws having fallen in love in the first place, none of these wonderful things in my life would be possible. And for that I love them! And although I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to make sure everything's in order and in place, I look forward to picking them up at the airport this afternoon.
The bathrooms are scrubbed. The fridge & pantry are packed (and clean). All the towels in the house are clean. Beds are made. Laundry is done (although I still have to put it away) The house is as good as it's gonna get so they better like it, lol. For now, I'm enjoying my last hours alone, 'cause starting this afternoon I will be 'entertaining' my in-laws for quite some time. But I don't mind, really.
So this house of 4 will quickly turn in to a house of 6 until God Knows When. . .
Hubby sure is happy with his parents coming over, so if he's happy then I'm happy!
ok, why am i not being allowed to space in betweeen paragraphs????? this looks very ugly, like some big, run on post... on my page it's separated like i want it to be, but when i hit publish, it's all crammed up together!!! Yuck! Oh well, it must be something really easy to do, but never did I claim I was smart!
* lol, i put a dot in between so it can't go back. So blogger, what you gonna do now, huh??? You got outsmarted (if that's even a word), but you did!!! And now the post looks decorated with those cute dots, lol!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Love Hurts I Tell Ya . . .

This morning my dear, loving husband woke up in pain . . .
Why??? You ask.
Well I must admit that it is my fault that my poor hubby was hurting. Yup, I said it. My fault! No, I did not beat him. He's given me no reason to, lately that is. just kidding people.
So that said that I did not bitch slap him, the reason he's hurting is because I slept on his arm & chest ALL. NIGHT. LONG ! ! !
After all, who needs a pillow when the best spot in the world is right there in your man's arms???
Only this time I didn't roll off onto my side of the bed like I usually do. I stayed right there in his arms, the best place of all!!!!!!!!!!!!
And being the loving husband that he is, he didn't push me off of his arms to relieve the pain. No he didn't. He could have, right? But no. My love just let me sleep there without much care at all for his arm.
He might not be the most romantic husband in the world. He's not very good with little details, definitely not the romantic type, mushy type or anything like that. But I know he loves me and I love him. And in his own subtle way, him letting me sleep on his arm the entire night with no regard for his pain, well that just reminds me of how much he loves me.
This is just one more way of proving that LOVE HURTS.
But in a good way!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You'll Go Down in History ! ! !

Today is the day that will no doubt go down in American History ! ! !
Barack O'bama is our new President Elect

Yes, yes... I know you are all tired of all the political talk out there and are probably glad it's finally over. I get that. But I just couldn't let this day pass me by without acknowleding the fact that we are experiencing American History in the making. Like McCain himself said, even if you didn't vote for Barack, he is now our future President and we should support him every step of the way. Which I will and hopefully you all will too.

Ooh, and did you all see Rev. Jesse Jackson & Oprah crying?!?!? My daughter (knowing who Oprah is of course) was mighty upset that she wasn't in the front row, lol. She was very perplexed that Oprah was actually mixed in with the crowd of Obama supporters instead of front row, where apparently my daughter thinks she belonged. Speaking of my beautiful daughters, they had lots and lots of questions about the election process, the candidates, all the red and blue colored states, the whole thing in general... like most kids I would imagine. But me being the SuperMom...Not, when they hit me with a question I just made up a whole bunch of answers that sounded somewhat good to me! lol Hey, I'm no political analyst. I know about as much as they do so I just made up answers as quickly as they thought of more questions!!!! LOL!!!
Kidding people, just kidding! Seriously, just kidding ok.

What I did find pretty funny was 1 of Monkey's questions this morning:

Monkey: Mom, will Obama winning for President be in the History Books?

Mom: Oh yeah Babe! Most definitely it will. It's a very important time in American History right now.

Monkey: Oh. Well that just makes me feel old.

Mom: Why?

Monkey: Cause now I actually lived something that will become History. And kids will have to learn this... and I lived it! Wow! I do feel old!

Ummm, okay, lol... I hadn't even gotten up out of bed this morning when we had this conversation, so I couldn't elaborate with her on the topic, but whatev. I just thought it was really funny and super innocent on her part!

Well, I'm now off to buy the newspaper with Obama on the front cover!!! My paper subscription is only for the weekends, which is when I get my deals and coupons, lol. But I think today calls for actually going out and buying me a copy. Maybe 2 actually. 1 for each of my girls.......