Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You'll Go Down in History ! ! !

Today is the day that will no doubt go down in American History ! ! !
Barack O'bama is our new President Elect

Yes, yes... I know you are all tired of all the political talk out there and are probably glad it's finally over. I get that. But I just couldn't let this day pass me by without acknowleding the fact that we are experiencing American History in the making. Like McCain himself said, even if you didn't vote for Barack, he is now our future President and we should support him every step of the way. Which I will and hopefully you all will too.

Ooh, and did you all see Rev. Jesse Jackson & Oprah crying?!?!? My daughter (knowing who Oprah is of course) was mighty upset that she wasn't in the front row, lol. She was very perplexed that Oprah was actually mixed in with the crowd of Obama supporters instead of front row, where apparently my daughter thinks she belonged. Speaking of my beautiful daughters, they had lots and lots of questions about the election process, the candidates, all the red and blue colored states, the whole thing in general... like most kids I would imagine. But me being the SuperMom...Not, when they hit me with a question I just made up a whole bunch of answers that sounded somewhat good to me! lol Hey, I'm no political analyst. I know about as much as they do so I just made up answers as quickly as they thought of more questions!!!! LOL!!!
Kidding people, just kidding! Seriously, just kidding ok.

What I did find pretty funny was 1 of Monkey's questions this morning:

Monkey: Mom, will Obama winning for President be in the History Books?

Mom: Oh yeah Babe! Most definitely it will. It's a very important time in American History right now.

Monkey: Oh. Well that just makes me feel old.

Mom: Why?

Monkey: Cause now I actually lived something that will become History. And kids will have to learn this... and I lived it! Wow! I do feel old!

Ummm, okay, lol... I hadn't even gotten up out of bed this morning when we had this conversation, so I couldn't elaborate with her on the topic, but whatev. I just thought it was really funny and super innocent on her part!

Well, I'm now off to buy the newspaper with Obama on the front cover!!! My paper subscription is only for the weekends, which is when I get my deals and coupons, lol. But I think today calls for actually going out and buying me a copy. Maybe 2 actually. 1 for each of my girls.......


Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh every time they show Oprah and Jesse Jackson crying, I start crying all over again. What a truly momentous day in our country!!!!

Scary Mommy said...

LOL @ that makes me feel old. SO cute!! YAY!!!!

Rachel said...

Too cute!!! I just want to eat her up!

Joy said...

Well I did not vote for him but I do understand the whole "history" thing, even if technically he is mixed race.

I tried to get my dad a paper since he lives in the boonies and they do not bring the major paper there, but they were sold out. I had to bribe my hubs to stop and look for one but he didn't find one either.

Diane said...

I have friends/family in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Germany and let me tell you, they were following the election as closely as we were. Everyone was pretty much ready to write us off in Obama didn't win. Whew :)

PS... I think Oprah belongs in the front row, too ;)

Mel said...

Diane's (from Diane's Addled Ramblings) friend Mel here...That is precious! She's old because she experienced history. Too cute!