Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to All !

What day is it today people? ? ?
Are we excited ? ? ?
Are the kiddos in their costumes yet? ? ?
Because their stupid school doesn't allow that!!!
That sucks, huh?
What will they dress up as at night ? ? ?
Princess will be Tess from Camp Rock ... She loves that costume and sings her heart out into her play microphone whenever she's 'trying it on' Of course nobody will have an idea what the heck she's dressed as, but who cares! She does and she loves it!
and Monkey wanted something funny, so she's recycling Daddy's inflatable horse costume from 3 years ago and she will be wearing that, along with a bandana and cowgirl hat. She does look super,duper funny! After all, her daddy won 1st place for funniest costume about 3 years ago.
What will I dress up as tonight? ? ?
I suck! Nothing at all... Although I'd love to, but I can't justify spending any money on a costume for me right now. Maybe next year (although I do say that EVERY year and it never happens) Why do I have trouble spending money on me??? Buying the kids or hubby something is never an issue to me, but buying ME stuff, not so easy....Geez, that makes for a whole 'nother post, doesn't it?
Anyways, here's wishing you all a safe & HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a wonderful time, make great memories with your kids and enjoy all that wonderful candy you get to steal from your kiddo's bags... Yum!


Weeksie50 said...

lol- I never feel bad about buying stuff for me.. : )

Girl, If my kids came to school dressed up.. I would go
It is hard enough keeping them calm already...

Happy Halloween! : )

Rachel said...

I might be a naughty school girl but I will have the kids with me...hubby loved the idea but need to be g rated so I will be myself LOL
Have a great time tonight!
Happy Halloween!

Honey Mommy said...

That's too bad your school won't let your kids wear their costumes to school.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Post some pictures!

Joy said...

We got to go to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday for Wyatt's field trip, it was a fun Halloween day at school, I think all the other grades were having parties yesterday.

Diane said...

I suck, too. I sent my daughter out with the neighbors and I stayed home drinking wine. I am CERTAIN I had more fun!

Joy said...

Hey are you still doing your CVS stuff?

I have gone the last 2 weeks and have been really happy with my savings.

I glanced over this weeks and my favorite so far is the cokes 4/$12but you get $3 ECB so actually 4/$9!

Joy said...

I went yesterday and they were mostly out of cokes, well the type we drink which is coke zero or diet coke, he said they will have more tomorrow so I will go back. It is not out of my way I am about 30 seconds from it when I am coming from taking wyatt to school.

Joy said...

We have a fireplace and we love it, it does get cold during the night so we have a fire every evening. A little while back it was cold and I would keep a fire burning all day long. I love it