Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Alone Once Again

Summer vacation is O+V+E+R = OVER ! ! !
(excuse me while I do the happy dance........................
dancing, dancing, dancing......................... still dancing, cartwheel &
Ok, I'm back )

So it's time for school once again. The girls are now another year older & about to get another year wiser. Boy, those teachers are in for a treat I tell ya!!!

Speaking of getting older, where has the time gone?
My babies are growing up right before my eyes. It seems like not so long ago I was leaving my Monkey & Princess at school for the very 1st time. Young & Clueless me walked them in all the way to the cafeteria where the nice teacher sat them down & proceeded to feed them.
They were on their own now.
They were in school.
They didn't need mommy anymore. (at least not between 8am to 3pm)
So there goes mommy with the realization that her babies are growing up & needing less and less of her.
So there goes mommy walking out that door crying her poor little eyes out as she leaves her sweet little girls for their 1st day of school some 6 years ago.
How cute they looked in their plaid jumpers and knee high socks. Memories....
makes me kind of want to whip out the albums & leaf through them just to see their chubby little cheeks again. (if i only *knew* where they were)

But fast forward to now.
Well now the ritual is this. I drop the girls off at the curb of the school & speed away as fast as I can while I blast the radio & sing all the way home to rejoice in my 7 hours of complete and utter silence while being home alone ! ! ! Yes, ALONE !

So I guess the old saying is true.
Time does have a way of changing things.