Sunday, June 29, 2008

No More Learning

School's out.......... time to scream and shout!!!
No more early bedtimes.
No more early mornings.
No more homework.
No more projects.
No more after school activities.
No more club meetings.
No more uniform.
No more folder signing.
No more PTA meetings.

Lucky girls.
Lucky teachers.

Poor me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All calm in the SuperMom...Not household

As far as the previous post goes... you know, the one where I was this crazy bitch just whining & complaining about being in a bad mood & my girls being ... well, kids?

No need to worrry.
No need to call CPS on my sorry butt.
My daughters' survived, and I survived as well.
All's well that ends well.

And how was that accomplished you might ask???

Well, how else?
I just had enough, and had to say to myself "Fuck the house & the chores!
We need some fresh air!" ......... So what else would we do but hit the mall?

Yeah, nothing like some mother/daughter bonding time to relieve all that damn stress= so we went SHOPPING!

New summer clothes... Nice!
Some ice cream while we're at it... Nice!
and to top it off a nice foot rub when we got back home after 5 hours of walking & shopping...... even better!