Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All calm in the SuperMom...Not household

As far as the previous post goes... you know, the one where I was this crazy bitch just whining & complaining about being in a bad mood & my girls being ... well, kids?

No need to worrry.
No need to call CPS on my sorry butt.
My daughters' survived, and I survived as well.
All's well that ends well.

And how was that accomplished you might ask???

Well, how else?
I just had enough, and had to say to myself "Fuck the house & the chores!
We need some fresh air!" ......... So what else would we do but hit the mall?

Yeah, nothing like some mother/daughter bonding time to relieve all that damn stress= so we went SHOPPING!

New summer clothes... Nice!
Some ice cream while we're at it... Nice!
and to top it off a nice foot rub when we got back home after 5 hours of walking & shopping...... even better!

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Mama's Losin' It said...

Ooh that sounds like my kind of day!! i'm glad you didn't hurt the kids...don't make me call CPS. ;)

ps Thanks for finding my blog again!! I changed my url and that had to scramble to try to fund everyone. At the same time I was featured on SITS and was bombarded with a bunch of new comments...I think yours got lost in the mix. Sorry!! But I'm glad we're back together again. :)