Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today I am just a total nutcase. Can it be that my monthly visitor is coming? Um, no. That came & went about 2 weeks ago. Can't be that.
Coffee? I already had my fix today. can't survive without that one.
Then what can it be?
But today I am just whacko! Crazy. Loca. Hysterical screaming maniac with close to zero patience, all for no apparent reason. And the ladies are being no angels either, making it that much more difficult.
So add my crazy self + 2 kids.... Ugh!

They're just kids
Kids being kids.
Why is that throwing me so much off my rocker today?
Why all the screaming? (from my part)
Again, repeat... they're just kids.

Yes, they are just making a mess EVERYWHERE!
They are just fighting with each other constantly, screaming & crying abounds in this house.
They are just leaving food in the living room ( because later their maid will just magically appear & pick up after them when they are very much capable of doing that themselves at their ripe ages of 7 & 9. Why do they not understand that?)
They are just watching tv, even after I've told them twice to turn it off until they do their part in helping me out with their chores.
They are just turning off the a/c, which in turn made me get more hot & cranky, because yes, I know, you're cold. Well hello????? How can you not be cold if you're just sitting there doing nothing. Of course you're gonna be cold. How about getting up and joining me in doing some of the sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc. you know, getting up off your little tiny ass & joining in all the fun mommy does all by herself day in and day out, just to repeat the whole process all over again when you decide to just be your usual self & not pick up after yourself.
And then that's when I also get mad.
But at myself.
It was MY job to teach them to pick up after themselves. Yet they don't.
It was MY job to teach them to be responsible & do their chores. Yet they don't.
It was MY job to teach them to do their part, even without being asked just because they know it's the right thing to do. Yet they don't.

So self, this goes out to you:

Stop being such a crazy psychotic bitch!
Stop getting mad at your girls!
Stop feeling sorry for your stupid self!
You're the mom & it's your job to do what you're doing!

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