Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Their Modeling Debut

It's official.

Princess & Monkey had their official modeling debut this weekend! Lots of thanks to Mrs. U (a wonderful teacher at their school) who invited them to do this.

They got to pick out 3 outfits from this department store. What-Ever they wanted!!! Sounded like a shopping spree to them so they were ecstatic! (I would have been ecstatic if they would have been able to keep the clothes after having modeled them, but no. We just got a 40% discount if we wanted to buy them. HELL NO! Too expensive. I'll just wait for those 50% off sales, teehee)

Well my girls were in HEAVEN! Not only did they choose their own cool clothes, they got their make-up done by the cosmetic department ladies. And I applaud them. They did a very good job. I'll admit, when I heard they were getting their make-up done, I was very apprehensive. My 9 & 7 year old girls aren't even allowed to paint their nails! Not their hands, not their toes! That's how big of a prude me & hubby are. So having them wear actual make-up in public and it's not even halloween, uh... not so sure about that. But those sweet ladies did a very good job. The make-up was some powder for the shine, some very light, light blush & 1 coat of mascara to make their eyes pop. That's it. Didn't make them look like mini adults at all. Just enhance their natural beauty. Not my cup of tea on such young girls, but not too, too bad. (btw, my girls are gorgeous enough already but damm!!! With just 1 coat of mascara they both looked absolutely. drop-dead gorgeous!!! I wish I had their eyelashes. I have to curl & curl & never get those results! )

So I went out and bought the girls some earings & gave that to them as a little gift on their special modeling-debut day! They were ecstatic (as i've already mentioned a gazillion times. I've gotta learn me a word other than ecstatic. here I come) So out they come & they strut their stuff, just like the girls on America's Next Top Model.... Which they looooooooooove to see. My girls worked the runway, uhhhhhhhhh-huh! Which brings me to my next point:
I HATE MY CAMERA!!! (Good thing I had hubby videotaping or we wouldn't have had any actual proof of their debut.) Everytime I'd snap a picture, as they were at the end of the runway facing me, the stupid little thing would take a 1-2 seconds to stabilize and them actually click the pic. Well, by that time all I'd get was the back of the girl's heads while they were walking back!!! WTF! My camera's sooooooo slow. Ok, so let's try another thing. I started snapping BEFORE they hit the end of the runway, that way once the 1-2 seconds passed, I'd still get the front of their face, not the back...... Ughhhhhhhh! Well, apparently my camera doesn't do too good with moving objects either. Running, jumping, doing cartwheels... those type of movements I understand. But walking down a runway?!?!?! All I got was blurry girls. Ugghhh! Forget the picture taking, so I just switched it to movie mode. Took video with the camera, took pictures later. When they were nice & still. Sucks though! Wouldn't you expect more from an almost $200 camera? Although, it might have something to do with all those times I dropped it, not sure.

So anyways, my girls modeling debut came & went. It was practically their dream come true! And on top of that, they also got a ceritificate, a picture frame (to put the pic of the back of their head, lol), a gift card to chick-fil-a & a webkinz doll. That was very nice. So when they get home I have to have them work on their 'Thank You cards'..... And no, I'm not that polite! Puh-leez! The wonderful Mrs. U actually sent them home with a flyer yesterday asking them to write one for all the great people that made the event possible, let them participate & gave them all the free stuff. Only fair. I agree! That's the least we could do for them making my little girl's dream a reality. Should I also start shopping there? Nah! Too expensive. Maybe once the girls hit it big & actually get paid for living their dream, maybe then we can afford to shop at these places on the days they're not having sales. Maybe.......... not making any promises.

Well, this Wanna-be Stage-Mom is signing off ! Gotta go find my girls new gigs.....


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