Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A View of The Floor of My Daughter's Bedroom

If anybody out there has any idea as to how this can be accomplished
WITHOUT screaming,
WITHOUT swearing,
WITHOUT threats,
WITHOUT having to promise everything under the moon,
WITHOUT bribing,
WITHOUT begging,
WITHOUT crying,
WITHOUT complaining,
WITHOUT excuses,
WITHOUT whining,
WITHOUT fighting,
WITHOUT me having to do it,
then please, please, please, I am begging you, let me know.
(oh goodness gracious... see? we haven't even started and I already broke 1 of the rules of what I did not want, begging! and I already did it)

Can you now see how I seriously need help?
Make that my daughters' need help! 'cause after all I just close the door and let them be.
They shall live in the pig sty, not I.
But I'm tired of letting them live like farm animals. I am NOT a farmer! I do NOT wear overalls, ever! And I'm tired of my kids' farm animal ways of living.

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