Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help!!! Help!!! What Should my Girl Scouts Sell at Rummage Sale?!?!

Just to keep you all updated, I am still suffering in the ice ages without internet access. BooHoo, Waaaa!!! yup, that's me crying... I do that everyday to get myself to sleep. Seriously! So I apologize to all my blogging buddies with whom I haven't been able to comment for a while. I suck, I know. I am however popping in and reading your blogs, so don't you think I don't luv you all 'cuz I do. I just don't want my 1 hr here to finish so I haven't been commenting, soooooooooooorry! But On the flip side, the librarian here in town is my new BFF. Yup, that's right. We're tight now, lol. Just kidding! I don't befriend nerds! Just kidding again, I befriend EVERYBODY! Even nerds, LOL!

Anyways, now that that disclaimer is out of the way, I have a problem/question for you all to help me solve. Yes, I trust you all that much. I know you will come up with a solution to my dilemma.

So here goes:

As some of you know I am a Leader for a Girl Scout Troop at my daughters' old school. Yes, I did stay. I didn't quit on the girls, I luv them all too much! Anyways, we will be doing a craft fair as a troop, meaning that we'll be renting a space and then (hopefully) sell some stuff to make some $$$$$$$$$$$$ for our troop. So there's my problem..... WHAT SHOULD WE SELL?!?! The craft fair/Rummage sale will be 3 1/2 weeks from now, on the 22nd of November... so we only have 3 meetings to work on making items to sell.

So far we've thought of making those flower pens, which are pretty cheap to make and look really cute!!! And who doesn't need a pen, right??? Anyways, I'm looking for cheap, ummm that sounds bad, ok, I'm looking for inexpensive things that I can have my girls make to sell. I wouldn't like to waste too much money on supplies because there's no guarantee that we'll actually sell what we make. Although, whatever we don't sell, we've talked about donating to a homeless shelter, nursing home, their teachers or a hospital. Depending on what we have that didn't sell.

This will be a great business experience for the girls and I know they'll have a lot of fun working on this little project, but I wouldn't like the troop's bank account to go bankrupt if there's no assurance that we'll make the money back. So here's where you all step in.... Donate the money to buy the supplies , hahahaha. I'm just kidding again! Unless you're filthy rich, then I'm NOT kidding. No, even if you are filthy rich, I'm still kidding. All I want from you guys is your ideas as to what the girls can make so that we can sell. I have 3rd graders to 5th graders, although some of those 5th graders are pretty up there in age, if you know what I mean. Not very good studiers I assume. But we know what happens when we A$$ume, so I will assume no more, lol.

Anyways, we cannot sell food items. That is a no no! So bake sale is out of the question.... And although I would like to articulate some more on this here topic, this stupid computer just advised me that I have less than 5 minutes left. So I really got to end it here. Damn It! I really must go befriend that librarian...


Simply AnonyMom said...

I had a HUGE response and just as I was clicking send it got eaten my MSN!! I am so mad!

Anyway, here is a few off the tp of my head:
*Felt reusable bags (take 2 pieces felt and sew toether to make a bag. Add some glittery bling to them and add a handle)
*Magnets (use card stock and print out sayings and pcs from the internet. Attach magnets to the back.)
*potpourri sachets for the underwear drawer (use toille and fill with a small amount of potpourri. attach a pretty ribbon)
*Bow Holders (attach ribbon to a smaller piece of painted wood. You can decorate the wood with flowers or crowns or paint them a color and personalize when people buy them)

HTH! Good Luck

Joy said...

Can you do holiday type things? Like xmas decorations.

You can buy clear glass ornaments at Michaels and if you get a paper you can use a 50%off coupon get every girl who gets a paper get the coupon out and send them each to buy a pack of them. I think they are pretty cheap anyways. Then buy some ribbon and decorate around the outside of the ornaments, it will kinda look like those pumpkins I did. did you see them? anyways I have some pics you could use as an idea, I can email them to ya.

Mamarazzi said...

how about some personalized ornaments or stockings?

too bad you can't do baked goods that would make you RICH!!

Rachel said...

Girl...I'm no help on this post I must say...I am not creative in the least.

Maybe have a raffle instead?

Solei said...

Omg, you all have some great ideas! Thank U!!!
You are all lifesavers!!! WooHOo!
And Anonymom, I am sooooo mad for you!!! I've had that happen to me & it sucks, big time!!! So thank u dearly for re-commenting, you had some great ideas!

Mel said...

How about pot stickers decorated as pong balls drawn with a snowman's face, punch a hole in the bottom, stick a skewer through it, take an old sweater, cut it up and use it for scarfs and hats, take a few glitter flakes and glue them on and then display them in a poinsettia to sell them.

Michelle said...

I was going to suggest selling the bags of "Snowman Soup" or Reindeer poop. Ever heard of those? Technically they are food, but not of the bake sale variety.

You could make those marble magnets by sticking colorful paper on the back of flat marbles, then add a small magnet.

Or have the girls make bookmarks or bookmark thongs.

I one time saw people selling snowmen ornaments made out of plastic spoons and apparently they sold well.

The bottom line is that you are going to need to make super inexpensive items that people would be willing to buy just because they want to support Girl Scouts. It is usually pretty hard to make money at these kind of fairs.

Oh, for some idea's you might want to check out