Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Inlaws Are Coming, The Inlaws Are Coming ! ! !

Oh me !
Oh my !
The in-laws are coming !
The in-laws are coming !
Here I am running around like a lunatic preparing for the grande arrival of the 2 people that made it possible for me to find *LOVE* in this big & lonely world:
My In-Laws!
Did they introduce me & hubby? No!
Did I know them before hubby? Um, again No!
Then why are they the reason I found love???
Well, after all, it is because of them having um , well um, loving each other which then resulted in them having procreated the most beautiful little baby in the entire world. Then that beautiful newborn grew up to be quite a handsome, loving man who I met when I was 17 and he was a very mature, older 21 years old. Gasp!!! So we met, fell in love, made love & had children of our very own. Now here we are, the typical family with a Hubby, Wife, 2 kids and a dog.
Without my in-laws having fallen in love in the first place, none of these wonderful things in my life would be possible. And for that I love them! And although I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to make sure everything's in order and in place, I look forward to picking them up at the airport this afternoon.
The bathrooms are scrubbed. The fridge & pantry are packed (and clean). All the towels in the house are clean. Beds are made. Laundry is done (although I still have to put it away) The house is as good as it's gonna get so they better like it, lol. For now, I'm enjoying my last hours alone, 'cause starting this afternoon I will be 'entertaining' my in-laws for quite some time. But I don't mind, really.
So this house of 4 will quickly turn in to a house of 6 until God Knows When. . .
Hubby sure is happy with his parents coming over, so if he's happy then I'm happy!
ok, why am i not being allowed to space in betweeen paragraphs????? this looks very ugly, like some big, run on post... on my page it's separated like i want it to be, but when i hit publish, it's all crammed up together!!! Yuck! Oh well, it must be something really easy to do, but never did I claim I was smart!
* lol, i put a dot in between so it can't go back. So blogger, what you gonna do now, huh??? You got outsmarted (if that's even a word), but you did!!! And now the post looks decorated with those cute dots, lol!


Rachel said...

Have a great time with the inlaws! I love company...but only for a short time :)

PS and those run on paragraphs. hit the HTML tab and adjust there when you are typing or editing your post!!!!

Have a great time...hope you can keep us posted while they are in town with a post or two or three!

Joy said...

Blogger has some spacing issues! It gets me that it doesn't look like I have spaces after the periods in my sentances.

Oh and have fun with the inlaws!

Jen said...

I hope that you guys have an awesome visit.

Diane said...

Have a great visit! Obviously your in-laws are better than mine were (still are, I guess). But Satan can only have 2 TOP minions, right? ;)

Glad to see your grammar and spelling improved since your last comment on my blog ;)

Tabi said...

I hope you enjoy your visit!!!