Friday, November 21, 2008

WARNING! Hiking in November... Not Such a Good Idea!

Ahhhhhh, the nice warm indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooo glad to be INSIDE a heated room right now. Why? Well, let me just share with you that I just got back from a field trip with Monkey's class. nice! fun! right?!?! WRONG!
Who the hell thought that hiking in November during 50 some degree windy weather would be either a fun or an educational field trip for 5th graders, huh ?!?!?!? Who?!?!?

Well let me tell you something, it might rightfully end up being somewhat educational. After all, it's a very good possibiltiy that we all came down with FROSTBITE! If not that, definitely a runny nose & maybe even a cold later. Our lesson learned: Next time there's a hiking field trip in winter time, just stay home. Geez, really! Who was the braniac that thought of this?!?!

During cold, windy, winter days don't you think inside activities would be better? ( A smart person would!) Apparently the person that was in charge of organizing this year's field trip is not smart. Actually, he or she is rather dumb I'd say. OR (aha!!! I just had my aha moment!) THat person doesn't like the teacher that went on the field trip. That's why we were tortured hiking in the cold, cold, windy day! I say that person should get fired. most definitely I am starting a petition for that! To be fair, we should let that person choose, either get fired or let their ass go out into the cold, cold wilderness and let them freeze their butt off like my girls, her classmates and I did. Yup, that's the punishment they deserve!

Then again, that's what I get for volunteering, again! What the heck is wrong with me always volunteering when somebody needs help? I really gotta learn how to say NO! But of course my Monkey was happy that I was there, and besides nearly freezing do death and not being able to feel my fingers, I too was pretty happy to be there with her. After all, if I start working it might be one of the last field trips that I'll take with her in a while. (((( sigh ))))

But for now, I'm glad it's over. Let this be a warning to you all... DO NOT VOLUNTEER TO GO AS A CHAPERONE ON A HIKING TRIP IN NOVEMBER!!! It's really not a smart thing to do. Learn from my mistakes. Just stay home, watch tv right by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Let the other losers that didn't read my warning freeze their butt off! Yup, You're Welcome! =0D


Rachel said...

WT who's bright idea was that?
I loved this post you are cracking me up girl!

Joy said...

Oh yea that sounds fun!

My hubs will be the dumb one sitting in the woods tomorrow a.m. freezing his arse off, I am pretty sure they just said something like 15! Seriously do you want to kill your self or a deer?

I am all for the sitting by the fire drinking a big ol cup of coffee or the hot chocolate like you mentioned.