Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tantrum Is Over!

Just like a little kid, all those tantrums I threw and for nothing.
Well, because I did end up participating in Black Friday!!!!!!!!! WooooooHoooooooo!
Well, the cheap way of course!
See, come January me and my Girl Scouts will go camping....... YIKES!!! I know. I know. WTF was I thinking?!?!? Camping?!?!?! Me.... Seriously!!!!!!! I do not even remember when the last time I went camping was.... Definitely BEFORE getting married or having kids. Definitely BEFORE I was the one that had to organize anything. I was the kid that had the mom and aunts that had done all the planning, packing, cooking, shopping, etc. I just went, little ol' me was scared to death and had an ok time camping. By ok time I mean that I survived and that was a victory for me 'cause I was oh so scared of being out in the wild! I swore never to return. That was it. I guess I must have forgot that last part about vowing never to return because now, OMG, now.... I'm the adult!!!! And not only will I be in charge of my own 2 kiddos, I'll also be in charge of all the other little girly girls that go with us!!!!!!! Again, WTF was I thinking?!?!?!?! Apparently not much. Well, maybe that I'm the leader... And that the girls begged me to go camping... and that the 2 major things people associate with Girl Scouts is Cookies (which we'll be starting in January) and of course camping. So I was suckered into it. That and now the girls think that I'm the coolest person ever!!! Of course, they pretty much think I'm cool anyways, but now, I'm at the very top of their list.... =0D
How pathetic am I???? My goal is to be cool to a bunch of little girls?!?!?! lol.... Anyways, back to the topic here people. Since we're going camping, me and my girls need sleeping bags. 1 for me, 1 for Princess and 1 for Monkey. And not the regular ol' sleeping bags, but the good kind. Cause of course, being the geniuses that we are we're camping in mid winter and it very well might get to be super, duper cold. Genius right??? Well, it beats 110 degree weather. So anyways, we needed sleeping bags that withstand 30 degree weather... not the ones they already have. Noooooooooooooo, that would just be too easy on me and what fun would that be?!?!? Then Murphy wouldn't be doing his job right, now would he? Soooooooooooooo..... I was all bummed that I'd be missing black friday...but I just HAD to look at the ads anyways. I love doing that! I just love it!!! Of course knowing very well that no matter how good the sales were I could not go, because we just don't have the cash for anything that we don't absolutely need right now... luckily they don't charge for the air we breathe or we'd probably be dead right now, lol.... not so funny if it's true!!!! Sorry! Anyways, Sports Authority had the good sleeping bags 66% off! The sleeping bags that are originally priced $30 each were only $10 for the good kind, the ones we actually needed. I could not believe it!!! Meaning instead of paying $90.00 for 3 bags, I could pay $30.oo. Now that's a deal! But low and behold, then, once I read the fine print, it ALSO said that the first 100 people in line would get a $10 gift card towards that day's purchase. WHAT?!?!?!?! So if hubby and I go, that was 2 cards, which were equal to $20.oo. So hubby got a card and I got another one. We bought the 3 sleeping bags that we absolutely needed (unless we wanted to freeze to death while camping) which even on black friday would have been only $30, but thanks to the 2 cards they discounted $20 and we got all 3 for only $10!!!!!!!!!
And HE listens!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had no frieking idea with what money I was going to buy those sleeping bags, and then this pops up!!! I was ecstatic!!! We are now 1 step closer to go camping. Yikes! Well that's just plain scary! But the good part was that thanks to this I was able to participate in black friday!!!!!!!!!
Geez, I guess volunteering does have its advantages!


Rachel said...

How great is that; you ask and you shall receive...good thing you didn't take the money from the kiddies banks HEHEHEHEHHEEHEHEHEHE

Love ya!!!

Carrin said...

What a freakin' bargin!
i love love love to shop but have never once done the Black Friday-get your ass up and stand in line at the butt crack of dawn-thing.
Sound too hectic and dangerous!

Solei said...

Yup, I was able to fork out those 10 bucks without having to raid their piggy banks! Lol, PLUS I fixed my Black Friday High! WooHoo!


Diane said...

We are clearly negatives of one another. You couldn't pay me enough to shop on Black Friday, but I'll camp any weekend of the year! I will warn you, though, that camping in below-freezing temps is... well... cold (duh). Be sure to bring another blanket (preferably the fleecy kind) you can pull down in that toasty new bag with you! And if you can zip the girls together, you might want to do that, so they have extra body heat. Brrrrrr. Wish I could go with you!!! I need to get Ryan into the scouts!

Jen said...

Good for you. It is amazing how things work themselves out.

Michelle said...

Are you going tent camping or will you be in a cabin? I've taken my troop camping many many times so if you need any un wanted advice just drop me an email.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

WOW! I love great deals, and that was an awesome one.
We love camping! I hope y'all have a great time.