Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I’ve started this post many different ways because I don’t know how to really explain myself. I feel like if all I’ve typed previously I’m just rambling on and on , so I’m not sugarcoating anything anymore. I’m just coming straight out and telling you…


There, I said it. I admit it okay? I am a coupon clipper… Yes, I know you hate to be behind me at the checkout. But who cares?!?!? I don’t. I’m saving my family $$$$. Actually, I’m lying. I AM a coupon clipper, but then I always forget to actually use them and they just expire lol.

But beware people. From now on, I’m going to actually start using the coupons I clip and I’m going to get me a folder to organize them like the one
Jen has and then I’m really going to be the lady you hate to be behind of. hahahhahahaha!!!!

Thanks to my coupon clipping (and using) and to Jen’s wonderful tips, I just recently got a free deodorant!!!!! WooHoooooo! Sounds the horns ... a free deodorant!!! What?!?!? That's not making you jump up and down with excitement?!?!? WT? Well, I must be one crazy chic 'cause I love me some free stuff, even if it's just a deodorant. (but come on people, I just saved 5 bucks) Believe me, my loot was gonna be better, but stupid CVS ran out of some of the stuff that I was going to get for free, them dummies.

Now for the fun stuff. I'm sharing my secret! Ok, you all are just gonna *luv* me!!! ( and I *luv* to be *luved* so it's perfectly fine with me for you to do so) I have found this amazing blog that I am about to share with you guys. It's called Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and it's written by this wonderful chic named Jen. She has a family of 7 so she really knows how to maker her money stretch and she's sharing her secrets with us. And no, I am not getting absolutely anything for referring you all over there or anything like that. I just recently found her, and I followed her tips and that's how I got the free deodorant!!! (stop rolling your eyes, I know it's juts a deodorant. But it was also going to be a free nivea body wash the big size, and 2 nivea creams (regular size) all for free, but like I said, they had run out, so for next week's sales I'm going the day the sale starts to make sure I can get them all!!!) I already added her to my blogroll, and if you like saving money or better yet, getting things for free (yes, you heard me right, f-r-e-e! like my deodorant), then you should definitely check her out too! I suggest you start here, it's her post about CVS Pharmacy. And I wouldn't be sharing this with you all if I hadn't already proved for myself the authenticity.

I cannot explain the process since it's somewhat complex. It does involve clipping coupons and signing up for the CVS card (which costs absolutely nothing). She has a video up on her blog which explains absolutely everything. So go over to her blog now, and see what she has to say....

Come on, go on now...
When you come back, I'll show you what I got.










Pretty amazing stuff, huh?!?!
Weren't you surprised with her $60.00 bill that came down to $14.00?
Well, here's my experience. (Not as much savings as her, but I'ma learning people. Baby steps, remember?)

They have the adidas deodorant for $4.99
I had a $1.00 coupon, so I paid $3.99 for it.
They had a special where they give you $4.oo back using your ExtraCare card,
so this dedorant was free for me!!!
In a nutshell, I paid 4 bucks (thanks to a coupon), they gave me 4 bucks back = FREE!
So it's a combo of ExtraCare card sales plus coupons, you can get things for free or very, very cheap ($1.00 if you didn't have a coupon!)

They also had a Nivea Men's Body Wash that was $4.99 and then you get $4.99 extra bucks back, so in essence you get it for free, but they were all out of that one. Jen, who's been doing this for a while, says that every week they have something for free! Every week!
Plus some really cheap things. Like right now, crest tooth paste is $2.99 and you get $2.00 extra bucks back, so it's like getting it for 99cents, plus, if you have a coupon, then even less!!! Even if you don't use that brand, if it's free, just get it. You could either use it if you run out of the one you use, or donate your winnings to a women's shelter or a homeless shelter, after all, you can get them for free!!! And what price is better than free?!?!?!

Well, I hope somebody can use this information that I passed along. Believe me, it's been a God-send to me! Plus, she has really good tips on the right way to use coupons. Even if you hate coupons, if they save you bunches of $$$$$$$, you'll grow to love them.
But, if you're just too rich and have no time to cut coupons and they're just a part of your Sunday paper that you just do not need, then please, please send them to me. I will take all your coupons! I don't mind saving $$$$$, especially when the end result for me is free!!!

Oh, and their sales start Sundays, so I can't wait to see tomorrow's paper and check what's on sale and what item they're giving away for free this week! I'll keep you all updated!


Rachel said...

Your sooo cute...I love the excitement! I will definately check her out...I love free stuff and the price of toiletries now day geese!!!

thanks for sharing girly!

Mekhismom said...

Thank you for the info. I am going to add her to my blogroll too. I haven't been as good with coupon clipping as I need to be.

Joy said...

Oh girl I lurve me some coupons. I shop at Publix and every sun or Mon I go thru the sale paper and write anything that is on sale or Bogo free, then I go thru my coupons I already have and the ones in the paper so I know what to make sure and clip. They also double up to .50 so I can get some good deals. Publix also has a penny item on sun and mon they don't tell you what it is so you just have to go and see, you have to spend $10 to get it

I really don't like shopping at Kroger but have started checking their flyer also and getting just the things that are on sale that I need.

I signed up for that CVS card online so I will be checking into that very soon, they just opened one up down the road from me, and I always LUV me some free or nearly free stuff! thanks for the tip

lizzylanguage said...

Hi, you left a question on my blog about the $5/25 coupon at CVS. It printed off for me at the CVS card scanner in the store. I have a feeling it prints off based on the amount of time you've had the card and how much $ you've spent. Try it though. Two weeks ago I got a $4/20 and my sister got the $5/25 this week too. Good luck! Thanks for looking at my blog.