Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm A Follower a.k.a Stalker

I had been too busy lately ( lazy actually ) to take advantage of that wonderful thingy that blogger put up. You know, the one where you actually admit that you're somebody's "Follower" as they call it, but everybody knows it really means stalker. I finally got around to doing it, after all, it is a lot of work to look for all my favorite blogs (which I do on a daily basis anyways) & do all that copying and pasting, and opening all these windows . . . but alas, I did it now!!!

I am now an official stalker . Woohoo! And this thingamajing is so easy and convenient! I can automatically see when you all post new posts ( hehe, that sounds funny! Post new posts) Ok, maybe it should be write new posts, publish new posts... you know what I mean~
And I know I'm still missing some of my daily reads, but baby steps people. Baby Steps.
After all, it's the first time in my life that I am an official stalker.
Let's not jump in all at once.


Tabi said...

Who would have ever thought that I would LOVE having stalkers!?!

Joy said...

I have many that I love (stalk) I just started the Follow thingy I have been using Google Reader for a while and it saved my life:)

Honey Mommy said...

You're ahead of me! I haven't had time to announce my intentions to stalk... just yet!

Rachel said...

wait I have does it tell you or show you? Help?

Angie said...

I recently got this thingy too sept I call them "fans" instead of "followers" but you know what? I think I like "stalkers" even better! Mind if I copy you and call mine stalkers too?