Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WW- Here They Are ! My Crafting Pictures

I have to preface this by openly admitting that I definitely know that I am getting old(er) because I just *luv* to craft so much! And not precisely 1 thing in particular, I go in each and every direction possible (except scrapbooking (too expensive!) & knitting/crocheting/quilting(I'm not that old!)
And a fair little disclaimer here for me. Although I *luv* to craft, that does NOT mean that I do it well or perfectly or anything like that. By no stretch of the imagination are you allowed to think that, ok? ok!
I just do it!
It relaxes me.
I feel a sense of accomplishment.
And not to mention that my little girlies think that I'm an awesome, creative genius when they see my latest projects ! ! (I know, it doesn't take much to amaze them, but I'll continue to bask in all my glory of them adoring me, 'cause I know once they become teens, it'll be all gone!)
On to my crafts.
The 1st pictures are of the mantel over my fireplace. The only thing I really crafted was the frame. Well, not the actuall frame (I bought that at the Dollar Store) but the BOO letters in it. I know, I know. Big WooHoo! But believe it or not, it is a big WooHoo for me, and my girls. It really helped change 'the look' into more of a "fall" look (now I'm trying to figure out a way for the weather to be more like fall, but it ain't listening) For instructions on the boo frame, go here. Ain't it cute? For only $1.00?!?!? Come on now, you know it is! And while I was at the Dollar Store, I picked up the little black vase, the white pumpkin and the little flower arrangement. So thanks to Joy's inspiration I have livened up my mantel with a cute little fall look for only $4.00 total.

and here it is from another angle =0D

basically, I just added it to complement other things I already had on there,
and I'm very happy with the result (especially with the price!) =0D

And the other little craft was to liven up a little side table that I had nothing on. So after reading Joy's blog, I discovered how to find the beauty in some ugly things, because ultimately spray paint is the cure for anything ugly, lol.
Let me prove my point. That cute little black basket on the table, it was an ugly yellow basket that when you saw it, you'd think WHO would EVER buy this thing, EVEN if it's ONLY a dollar?!?!? Well I did. Then I just spray painted it black!!! And I also got a black little vase & little flower arrangement, put it together with something I already had, and my lonely little table is tranformed thanks to shelling out $3.00 at the dollar store (plus the spray paint)

I know. I know. I get excited over not much, but I really got a kick out of 'changing' the look with so little money, finding the creative ways to do things. Not that I'm creative! But I love creative people that share their ideas, and then I'm really good at copying them! lol


The next pictures to come later on are the bows and clippies that I've been working on. btw, my girls love them. Even my big Monkey that originally said she was too big for them, now wants me to make some to match her clothes. Apparently, big bows and ribbons are in right now. Especially if you're a cheerleader, lol. Ooh, ooh, ooh... Since I have pictures, I guess that means I qualify for the Wordful Wednesday! Woohoo!

First time here! Please be gentle with me, I bruise easily, lol. =0D


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

- very crafty!! hee hee looks great!

Rachel said...

They look great! your sooo talented...I need a hobby!!! Oh yeah Piano...practice practice...I want to make something...maybe knit something...who am I kidding LOL

Cecily R said...

Cute stuff! I love LOVE fall decorating!

The way you feel about crafting is the exact way I feel about photography. I may not be perfect, but it relaxes me and I feel that sense of accomplishment when I look at what I've done!

Mekhismom said...

I think that you did a great job! Spray paint as a cure for ugly - gotta remember that one.

mommaof4wife2r said...

love the boo frame. easy and super cute. and youcan change it to joy for Christmas!

Tabi said...

LOVE the boo frames!! I am so going in search of those frames!!

Diane said...

I love your BOO! Too cute!

Joy said...

Girl let me tell ya I loved the idea for the frame when I saw it on her blog the first time you mentioned. So off to the dollar store I went and guess what NO three hole frame! I was so bummed. Off to Hobby Lobby I needed some pumpkins to do a crafty thing with (kat linked a blog the other day, she also did it) anyways guess what no three hole frame either. I am so bummed I wanted to do this and give the frame and pumpkin to the boy's teacher.

Good job I love being crafty also

Solei said...

thanks for the compliments everybody!
and sorry joy, i think i took them all. My dollar tree only had 3 left and I got them all, 1 for my house, and the other 2 to give to the kiddo's teachers.
Sorry! =0D

Hope you find them soon, it's a super cheap and easy little project to do!

angie said...

I am so glad that you joined us today. I hope you make it a tradition and so so each week! I LOVE craft ideas. Looks great.

AVT Coach said...

I like your crafty ideas! Also, keep writing down those funny things kids say..believe me you will forget..all of the sudden you will be doing those crafts you never thought you would..I don't know maybe pot holders or something and you will what was that Monkey said when I told her she was adorable...I wish I had written that down!!! Happy blogging the darnest things kids say!

Joy said...

I am seriously on a hunt for these frames now :) I have a couple places in mind to look tomorrow.