Monday, September 15, 2008

I am sooo bad!

Breakfast today is a nice, big piece of Chocolate Cake (with lots of chocolate topping!) that my girls and I baked over the weekend and a big, hot cup of coffee ............ mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I. AM. IN. HEAVEN ! ! !

I'll be paying for it later, but who cares!
It's delicious and I'm enjoying it!
Plus, I'm too busy learning how to make cute, girly bows. I have no time for cooking right now. . . These craft thingies are addicting! I made 2 little clippies from ribbons & stuff I already had & they are oh so cute! ! ! Princess *luved* them. Monkey didn't 'cause she said they're too girly, so I'm off to Michael's or Walmart to buy some funky ribbon to make her 1. Maybe with those skull thingies that are so in right now. . . I just *wish* I had my digital camera working so I could show you, but alas, that thing broke (maybe due to all those times it fell). They just don't make things like they used to anymore! ha!

Once I have some done, I'll take some pics if even with my cell phone camera and post some up soon. I'm just so excited! lol


Joy said...

I also get addicted to fun crafty things, I have done some bows in the past.

My big thing right now is the tutus I have made alot-luckily some friends have helped with the addiction. Abby has two a pink on pink and the halloween costume:)

Rachel said...

I can't wait to see them. Love is very particular with her hair, I have to fake like I am crying if she tells me no to a pony tail; then she always replies "how bout a clip mom" so the bow thing may work!