Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday Shopping Bliss!

I know it's Tuesday already and here I am blogging about Sunday, a WHOLE TWO DAYS AGO!!! I know, I know. I'm behind. But I have a good excuse, I promise. I was going to post this yesterday, but as you know I received my very first award from Joy so that definitely got pushed to #1 blogging material over this. So now Tuesday, here you go... All about our Sunday Shopping Bliss!

So Sunday morning while we're having breakfast, I get a call from my big sis. Her sweet self is calling to remind me about those $25 too-bucks from LimitedToo she had given me over a month ago. They expire today so be sure to use them.

Arghhhhhh! What?!?!?

Yes, those (2) $25 too-bucks I gave you. You told me you'd use them, or else I would have kept them to use them myself. So go use them. Bye!

Again, ugggghhhhhh! Do you not KNOW I cannot be spending any $$$ right now???

So of course, hubby being the nosy hubby that he is asked what my big sis wanted. So I explained how she gave me those coupons. Basically, I pick up $50 worth of merchandise and only pay $25. Since I had 2 I could pick up $100 and only pay $50... Pretty awesome deal! Plus, my girlies LOOOOOVE Limited Too, but it's just too expensive sometimes! So I told him how I was just gonna let them expire 'cause I knew I shouldn't be spending $$$ right now... and guess what he said?!?!?

You should go.


Really, you should go. Take the girls, let them pick something up. As long as you dont get more than $50 worth that you have to pay for. ( ha! have you ever been to l2? Pick up 1 shirt and socks and there goes your fifty, lol)

So anyways, Hubby had basically given us the green light to go Shopping. Woo Hoo !!!... Malls, get ready! Here we come!

So my choices were amongst 3 malls.
1) The closest one to me (easiest although I don't really like to go to that one)
2) My favorite which has lots of the stores I like, but a little bit farther.
3) The Classy Mall, in the rich part of town, with all those fancy shops & boutiques (aka, for the rich, aka, not really for me)...

So from experience I have learned that when you're looking for a good sale, go to the Rich People Mall. Yup! That's where you get the best deals. Doesn't sounds right, huh? But it is.
See, at the regular mall, when they put something on Clearance it'll fly off the rack at the 1st markdown. After all, everybody's looking for a sale. They might be shorts on that rack and it's now winter, but they'll still go. Why? Well, just go up a size and use them for next summer. (for the kiddos of course! You don't want to grow a size, lol.) Makes sense!

But for whatever reason, at the rich people mall, they tend to stay away from the Clearance Racks. So they eventually get marked down many, many times. When I've been there, the racks are full!!! And I.AM.IN.HEAVEN.! ! !

Well, my intuition payed off. We hit the L2 at the expensive, outdoor mall and they had a huge Clearance rack that already had markdowns, PLUS they had a sign for 'take an additional 50% off lowest ticketed price' . Now that's what I'm talking about!

Woohooo!!! Jack Pot!!!!

Are you curious to see what we got ???? Well check this out

This is Princess' stash
( and the pics suck 'cause my camera is not cooperating with me so I took these with my lovely cell phone. Very blurry and stuff, but you get the point!)
She bought a total of 5 shirts ( only 4 are shown in the picture because she of course wore the other 1 to school today! 2 pairs of sandals AND a bracelet, which she is also wearing at this very moment. And the grand total........


for all of this!!! Can You Believe it???

Now onto Monkey's stash!!!
She also bought a total of 5 shirts ( again, only 4 shown as she is also wearing 1 today! ) 1 pair of sandals and a necklace ! Her grand total...


For everything pictured here, and some ...

My economics teacher would be so proud!!! What a way to make the $$$ stretch, don'tchathink? I wonder when they'll have these type of sales for MY type of stores?!?!? lol

So as you can see, I'm still all giddy with my great finds from the weekend! I mean, come on! Who doesn't love to shop? and then love the experience even more when you make out like a bandit???
So tell me, what's been your best find?


Joy said...

OOOH I love a good deal.

I went to Gymboree back in Aug when we were having the tax free weekend. I usually stay away because of the prices but I had a "save 20% off entire purchase" coupon and it would be tax free. I lucked up and they were also having a big sale of take an additional 50% off sale items and the other stuff they were doing twofer deals like 2 shirts for $18.

So I RACKED up with tons of stuff for both the boy and the girl and only spent $60 I can't remember what it should have been but it was a hella lot more than $60.

My other is Old Navy ours usually has some great end of season deals. The one close to me was recently closing to move to a new store and they had some crazy deals going on, nothing really for the the boy but I got lots of stuff for Abby for next summer and me a couple of tanks, and hubs a shirt for $4 that I had previously bought in a different color for $14!

Diane said...

Cool beans. I don't like to shop (I know, I'm a freak) and I am no bargain hunter (probably why I'm always broke). Plus, we only have one mall... and it's SO not the 'rich peoples' mall! Bottom line, if Target doesn't sell it, Diane doesn't get it! :)

And congrats on your award! You deserve it!!