Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Gonna Be Selfish & I Need Your Ideas to Accomplish That

Just to bring even more honor to my status of being the SuperMom...Not! I decided to do a little somethin' somethin' for myself. Yes, that's right... MYSELF ! (the shock! the horror!) It is still in the planning stages, but it will have nOtHinG to do with

gIrL scOuTs !!!
or CheErLeaDiNg with Monkey!!!
or cHeErlEadInG with Princess!!! (yes, they both chearlead for different teams!!!)
or going to the LiBraRy, or the mOviEs, or on a pLaydATe.
It won't involve having friends over so 'tHe KiDs' cAn PlaY or sWIm.
Nope, and it won't be a fAmIlY MoViE nIGhT either!

What I need to plan is a playdate . . .
fOr mE !
Yes. . . me !
Not for the girls.
For mE !

Ok, seriously. I know most of you moms out there can relate with me on this one. Almost everything we (I) do revolves around my girls (you not so much my girls, but your own). Or my husband. Or somebody else. But never me. Just me. Little ol' me. NOpe. NevEr. And really I don't mind. I'm used to taking the backseat in my own life. My girls are my world! and they are my #1 priority. Hubby's a very close 2nd. Nobody really makes me volunteer so I can be even closer to my girls & spend even more time with them. And there is no law out there that says that I have to actually spend quality time with my girls, but I do. Because I love them. And I love doing things with them. And I choose to do those things!

But then there comes a time when you think to yourself;
the girls are having fun.
Good job Momma!
Hubs is having fun ( I think ) actually,I kNoW he is (wink, wink)
Good job Wifey!

But you...
are you having fun?

Yes, it's fun being a mom (except for the cooking & cleaning part).
It's fun being a wife (except for the cooking & cleaning part).
But am I having fun being a wOmAn... just a plain and simple woman?
Not with my kids. Not with my hubs. Just me?

aNswEr No. not really!

because I'm not sure I really have a life outside of being a 'mom' or a 'wife', especially now that I stay home and don't see adults during the day, and I'm sure lots and lots of you out there in blogland are in the very same boat as I am. Well guess what honeys?
I abandon ship! Yes, let me off right now!
Woman overboard.

For once, I will take myself into consideration. I won't get all crazy & stuff, like going to a strip club or out bar hopping... naaah! I'll leave that to the teenagers & college kids. That stuff doesn't rock my boat anymore. I'm not exactly sure what I'm planning yet, but it'll probably be something along the lines of a gIrL's nIghT In or something. I'm not sure of all the details yet, but it will involve lots of girlfriends, lots of alcohol =D, lots of laughing & talking & lots of fun. ...

For those of you with any experience in this, all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You know, like "how do you make jello shots?" or "do you know any cool drinking games?" or any other type of games for adults? I heard of the Jenga Truth or Dare, but haven't tried it. Has anybody? Or give me all you got, please!!! I could sure use a fun night with friends . . . and I can definitely use all the help I can get!

*** edited to add : Maybe you're not into the whole getting together with your friends and drinking kind of thing (why, oh why wouldn't you be??? j/k) so if you're not, what I'm basically trying to ask is everybody is What do you do for fun? I just want ideas of what I can do with friends. Like hosting bi-weekly or monthly adult get-togethers to relax and have fun! Please, give me all your ideas. Ask your friends, your friends' friends, and then their friends and so on. thank YOu!


Diane said...

Ahhhh... the ME day! Love those! Most of my friends live pretty far away (sigh), so when I need one of those days, I generally head for the spa and get a 90 minute massage! H.E.A.V.E.N.! You could, of course, include girlfriends and a boozy lunch after... sounds great to me!

And thanks for the very sweet comment today... much (much) appreciated!

Insane Mama said...

I never really get enough me time. I am so with you on jumping overboard. I need a night out! Where do you live?
Sometimes I do curl up in my chair and get lost in my favorite TV shows

Tabi said...

Me days?!?! Do those really exist? Lol...I love hanging with the girls too but I've managed to have friends with hubbies that refuse to watch their kids or friends that live too far off! Argh...the frustration! I have started utitlizing the Mother's Day Out program on tues/thurs as my time to do whatever I want! I got lost in the book store yesterday! I went to walmart by myself! I know this probably doesn't sound like fun but it was b/c I was ALL by myself!!
Anyways, I hope you and your friends have lots of fun! Sounds like a great idea of hanging with the girls! Where do you live agian!?!? Lol....

Rachel said...

Ok first off Us Mom's are the most important...sometimes when we get married and have kids we forget ourself...we are still ourself and then moms and wives..so you need it.

2nd when my hubby and I went to marriage therapy (yes we did...we were not getting divorced or anything like that we were not communicating and our therapist told us the 2 most important things in a marriage is 1. a babysitter and 2. another couple.

3rd....I wanna come...I am the one who always trys to call the few girlfriends I have in town to meet for a drink; but a night of girls having a fun...I am in...oh wait how are we gonna do this...I'm in Florida :( where you at? But you are soo right girl and you will be refreshed...

Last year a girlfriend and I went to away for the weekend just the 2 of us and it was soooo awesome...way way overdue...so definately count me in...

Sorry long comments but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

Joy said...

What ever it is it must involve Margaritas:)

I say go out to dinner with some girlfriends or have them over so then you can drink more:)

Solei said...

Well I'm in Texas, anybody close enough to come over for lots and lots of drinks??? (Margaritas definitely sound good to me Joy! That nd any other mixed drinks, lol)

Oooh, and I LOVE the massage idea, I'm in heaven just THINKING about it, but more than just me, me, I guess I wanna do more like me & friends, like you guys! lol Wouldn't that be so fun to get together with all these blog girls and P-A-R-T-Y! ! ! Now THAT would be a night to look forward to! and remember, and of course blog about!

So what's that Mother's Day Out Program??? I gotta find me one of those. And I agree going to the store without kids, that's fun too! But they can be funny too! My daughter had a Jessica Simpson moment at the store yesterday, lol. I'll be blogging about that later today.

And Rachel, you're so sweet!!! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog too!! Can u tell? I'm there daily, and now I'm your FOLLOWER aka stalker, lol. I gotta plan me a trip to florida =0D