Friday, September 19, 2008

My Find of The Day

So right now I am really, really, really addicted to reading many different blogs, and I'm sure lots of you can relate with me on this one. I mainly enjoy family type blogs, where us mommies talk about anything and everything under the sun. I also like funny ones, or the crazy ones that swear alot, or the modest ones that would never swear. I don't discriminate... I like them all.

Well today, I stumbled upong this really super cool
blog (thanks to Becky ) Ok. So the writers are a married couple: a self-made home designer and her husband, lol (she kids on a post about how her husband typed in 2 sentences while she stepped away from her computer and now hubby insists that it's their blog since he writes too! Plus, he helps her with some of her projects ). If you're into crafting and/or looking for good ideas to decorate your home, I encourage you to go visit her. Her blog is awesome!!! And I LOOOOVE craft projects. I'm such a dork, I swear. I don't know if it's due to getting older or the fact that I finally have my own house and am looking for ideas to decorate it, but as soon as I read a couple of the posts on her blog, I had to run to the store! And I got some really good finds, thanks to her ideas.

Just don't tell hubby, 'cause I'm not supposed to be spending any money right now!!!! Shhhh!Well, I'm off to craft.
I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done!

** edited to add: a little bit of advice. Be sure to take off your Wedding Rings before spray painting anything!!! just thought I'd save you a little heart attack or something! k?


Rachel said...

Do post what you made...and we won't tell your hubby! I'm not all :(

Joy said...

I can be crafty when I try and when I get the idea from someone else:) I am good at copying someone else's ideas! so in other words I am crafty just not creative.

I went and checked her blog out and she is SERIOUSLY crafty, but I really like the stuff I looked at I will have to mark her to read at a later time when I can go thru more.

Oh and I am so addicted to reading other peoples blogs. I have a few that I have been reading for a long time now and feel like I know them, even though I don't.

Joy said...

Hey BTW drop in on my blog, I hope you like it:)

Drama Mama said...

Thanks for the awesome link! I will be stopping in over there from time to time.

I know what u mean about reading blogs..lots of blogs...I need Blog Addict Intervention!