Saturday, September 13, 2008

Full House with Little People

Everytime I've tried logging in to start up a post or something, I. Get. Distracted!!! Why?
Well, because I have 5 kids running around my house right now.

What? No, I don't have 5 kids. I really am the mother to only 2 out of 5 of those kids. I didn't miraculously have 3 more over night nor did I do the Brangelina thing of going out and adopting me some. Nope! See, my daughter's had a school friend stay the night (such a sweet, sweet girl) and then they went knocking on the neighbor's door this morning and brought 2 more kids with them. So now my house has been invaded by 5 little people under the age of ten.

And I am the only adult here . . . getting about ready to pull my hair out! ! !

Plus, I think they're gonna get hungry at some point, which would mean I have to feed them. And I just cleaned up my kitchen from breakfast. I don't want to mess it up by feeding them again. It just seems like it would be a whole lot easier & faster to go out and get pizza or something, but I'm broke and can't afford that right now. That sucks! Being a SAHM doesn't pay enough for the little 'extras', like eating out when you're too lazy to cook. *Fudge*!

Do you think the parent's would mind if they came to pick up their kids and found me with a nice, big bottle of tequila in 1 hand and a lemon in the other???

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Rachel said...

I won't mind; I'll do a shot with you...and thank goodness you said lemon...some crazy people do a tequila shot with lime...your my kinda girl! I'll come over and pay for the pizza and we can have shots while they play and then when the neighbors parents come over to get them we will be 2 sheets to the wind...LOL...a girl can dream right!