Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Give a Kid Responsibility and This is What Happens

The dog goes hungry!!!!!!!!!!

( My poor little boy. I feel so bad for him, but he's not my dog. He's Monkey's and it's her responsibility. She's a bad mom, that Monkey)

Their bathroom is such a mess, they try to use mine!!!

(Notice the word try... it ain't happenning, they have their own)

Their homework is finished the minute they get off the car to walk in to school!

(Only on Tuesdays, I swear. At least that it's my fault, lol. On Mondays we have Girl Scouts right after school, then get back home by 5:30 to make dinner and leave again at 7:10 to go to Cheerleading and get back at 8:30 which of course is bedtime. Not much wiggle room for homework, lol.)

They don't take a shower for.......... mmmm, actually I can't remember the last time Princess took a shower. I tried asking her, but she can't remember either ! ! !

( Can you say stinky kid??? I threatened her this morning that if she didn't shower tonight, I'd be making her a sign to wear tomorrow at school that said " I haven't taken a shower in such a long time, I can't remember where the bathroom is. Smell me, don't I stink?!?!? )

Their teeth don't come in contact with a toothbrush until they see food particles stuck inbetween every tooth!!!

( Now this one, they wish! I am actually very on top of their teeth brushing. Have you seen how expensive that dentist is??? I'm making sure they stay away from him! )

and last but certainly not least

They get A's on their progress report card for every single subject ! ! !

I must be doing something right!



Joy said...

Isn't it amazing how they can pull it off sometimes when you were in serious doubt. Big kid just got his first real report card (I say real because lets face it those check marks they get in Kindergarten mean nothing) anyways it was all E's and S's which is equal to A's and B's his teacher said!!

Diane said...

My kid is weird... I can't get her OUT of the shower. But if I put her in charge of feeding the dog, he would have died a long time ago. And I love my dog. So I feed hiim :)

Jen said...

that is really funny. This what parenting is all about right, letting go?

Solei said...

joy- Yes, as bad as things may seem , my girls have always been on the AB Honor Roll. We're aiming for A Honor Roll, But I'll settle for AB, lol. And Yay for Big Kid!!! WooHoo!

Diane- Same thing with my Monkey. She can take 2 showers a day, no problem! But princess, that's another story. She smells, lol.

Jen- Exactly!!! I was afraid to be judged, but that's exactly what it is. My girls are 7 and 10. They're old enough to know certain things. I can't be nagging them ALL the time so I step back sometimes and hope they can step up to the plate! For some things they do, for others, not so much!

Rachel said...

girl I feel ya; my son 9 I have to remind him and weekends for sure; he is in the habit each morning before school but thinks he can take a break on the weekend.

Love on the other hand...go brush your teeth...her response...I jus did...I respond when? yestaday?

Rachel said...

BTW great job on raising kids girl...and great grades! Zman is an A student too...I ride his butt about school LOL