Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday . . . Last Fun~Day

This weekend hubby left on a trip without us. Next week it's my turn! The week after that, it's the girl's turns. LOL, just kidding.

Hubby DID leave, but that's because he had a family Wedding he HAD to go to or his family would never ever forgive him and never, ever talk to him ever again. EVER! We would have all loved to go, but our wallet would not budge for all of us to fly out there, so he hopped on a plane all by his lonesome and flew out there for the weekend and left us girls all. by. our. selves. So we decided to have fun and have a Girl's Only Weekend ! (not like we had a choice, hehe)

Friday was a girl sleepover. Girlfriends, what can I say, automatic fun!
Saturday we got in the pool, watched a movie & baked a cake ((chocolate, mmmm!)) Then at night we all cuddled up together in my bed and we all slept together. Sorry daddy, but I did not miss you one bit last night. I had my beautiful girls to snuggle up with!

It was kind of sad though, standing at an airport and saying good-bye to somebody you love so much, even if it's just for the weekend. We do miss hubby lots & he'll be back later tonight, so we have vowed to take advantage of what is left of Girl's Only Weekend. The girls and I decided to have a SUN-DAY FUN-DAY without Daddy. That way when he gets back later tonight and starts bragging about his wonderful trip and how he saw everybody and how beautiful the ceremony was, and blah, blah, blah... we can overshadow his story about how much fun we had this weekend and today, without him! Just us girls!

So I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and make the best of what's left of it. Us girls are off to have us some fun for the rest of the day!



Rachel said...

Wow...sounds awesome...Sunday would have been a perfect Sun Day Fun Day...I just wanted to lay in the sun, drink frozen drinks and go swimming..1 I have no pool unless you count the baby pool...hey I do get in it... 2...I had to take my little one to a birthday party; we only stayed 2 hours and then back home...we had a pretty chill weekend too...gotta love girls weekends though!!!

Joy said...

Must having been a wedding weekend. We also went to one, but had no kids, they stayed at Gram's house:)