Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Little Sidekick

Ok, so tonight's "Family Movie Night" a.k.a "we're broke right now & can't afford to go out and do something so I have to plan something fun & creative for my girlies that doesn't cost much $$$ Night"

So me & monkey are in my room getting ready to head on over to Blockbuster & being the good mommy I try to be, I strike up a conversation with her. I ask her "What movie are you going to choose?"

Monkey: (in her best duuuuh voice) I don't know, I'm NOT sidekick!

Me: (perplexed) You're not WHAT?

Monkey: SIDEKICK mom. I'm not sidekick. I don't know what movie I'll choose.

Me: HUH???

Monkey: (almost rolling her eyes now) Sidekick... you know those ones that can tell what'll happen in the future.... Sidekick (finishing with her duh voice again)

Me: (trying to contain my laughter so I don't laugh in my poor daughter's face & crush her self esteem forever) Sidekick??? I think the word you're looking for is PSYCHIC... You know, like Raven... psychics see the future. Now what YOU said, sidekick, that's like a partner, you know, like Batman & Robin.

Monkey: Wait. I know. How does it go? "The batmobile lost its wheel & Robin laid an egg....." What does that have to do with it mom? ( Still having no clue what I'm telling her)

Me: I'm trying to tell you the difference from what you said to what you mean. You meant psychic, but you said sidekick.

Monkey: What does Batman have to do with this?

Me: You know, Batman has a partner... a sidekick. Ok forget Batman. Hannah Montana, her best friend Lily is her sidekick. Spongebob, his friend "whatever his name is" is his sidekick.

Monkey: Oh, and Raven... she's a sidekick!

Me: (definitely rolling my eyes at this point) Forget it. I'll find out what you choose when we're there. After all, you're not sidekick!

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