Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekend Recap... MidWeek lol

It's already Wednesday... Like O.M.G !!! I can't believe it!!!
This weekend (yeah, this weekend, I'm that behind lol) was absolutely awesome! Of course I haven't been able to tell you all about it because of my previous bitch fest and job hunting fiasco. But I promise not to bore you all with that today. Today is a fun day! Today is a better day! I pinky promise...
So, remember how I told you all that I'm going camping in January with all my little Girl Scouts? Well to be able to do that I had to take some training (of course) and that training was this weekend. Basically, I had to go camping to learn the ropes and what to do and not to do. Anyways, that was this weekend. The very same weekend that the weather dropped down to 25 degrees!!!!! Uh huh... twenty five degrees!!!! I'm telling you, I just about cried myself to sleep that night... You should have seen me. I had my brand new sleeping bag that I just bought this black friday (which is good for 30 degree weather) which I thought would be perfectly ok because it never, ever gets below 30 here at all. Not even close... Maybe once or twice a year it will go down to 35 or so, but that's it. So I should be good, right???? Hahahaha... Oh so wrong! I'm telling you, I was fu-ree-zing!!! I had (now don't laugh ok) 3, count them 1-2-3 sweetpants on, 2 pairs of socks ( 1 of the normal ones and the other super soft and warm ones) 2 undershirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 sweatshirt with hoodie AND my super warm fleece bathrobe on. PLUS a fleece blanket inside the sleeping bag.... and guess what ???? I was STILL cold !!! No, I'll take that back, I wasn't cold. I was fu-ree-zing ! ! ! I almost, almost cried... ( and the mom that went with me later confessed that she did shed a tear, lol) And I couldn't fall asleep 'cause I just couldn't get comfortable. And there is absolutely NO tossing and turning inside a sleeping bag... go figure. Which come to think of it, it's actually my first time in a sleeping bag. Wow! I didn't realize that I was a sleeping bag virgin until now! Whoa, I was de-virginized and I didn't even know it! Anyways, I couldn't sleep. I was cold. I was miserable and I missed my hubby. We ALWAYS hug at night, and although he probably wouldn't admit it, we cuddle too. And of course, we end up falling asleep like that in each other's arms.... but he wasn't there!!! I was cold and had nobody to hug! That my friends was so not cool. Which then of course made me make a mental note, bring a body pillow next time. Definitely!!!!
And during my sleepless night, all I could do was think. Yup, thinking about January when I just have to go again, only this time with 12 little girls and all I could think was how the hell are they all going to survive??? They'll probably be coming to my cabin crying and complaining that they are cold. Sh!t, if I'm cold and suffering I have no frieking idea how they are going to survive! But they better, 'cause I'm not giving them my blankets! That's for sure!
And then, morning came. We got up and I swear I did not even want to change clothes. Heck no! that would mean having to take off what I had on to put something else on (which was probably really cold). I was miserable I tell ya! But then, we headed to the kitchen and started making breakfast. Everybody was out there... talking, laughing, sharing stories, bonding. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Then, we learned games, how to read compasses, tie knots, identify wild things and such and I loved it!!! I felt like a little kid, learning new things and being amazed with all that I was learning.... and that's when I realize that the 12 little girls that I take camping will absolutely love it too!!! They might hate that first night just like I did, but once day breaks and we start all our activities.... they will have so much fun! And most of them have never even left the city, none the less go camping. So just thinking of that made my adventurous 25 degree weather experience seem a little bit better. The final outcome would definitely make a difference in the live's of those 12 little girls.
I can't wait for January!!! Well actually, yes I can. But I do look forward to going! I feel a lot more prepared and capable of handling the trip and the girls, but the weather... that's another issue! lol


Rachel said...

Your gonna have a great time and create great memories!

Rachel said...

Are you camping??? Where are you; miss ya girl! How was your Christmas and New Years?