Thursday, December 4, 2008

Panel Job Interview..... WHAT?!?!

The sun is shining!
The birds are singing!
I think I even see a rainbow!!!!!!!!
Nah, I'm just lying people. It's actually about 50 some degrees, super windy and quite cold around here today. But in my own little world ( my head ) it looks like the 1st scenario. =0D
You see, after being out of work for over 4 months... yes, f-o-u-r months, I had my 1st interview yesterday. And guess what? I absolutely nailed it !!!!!!!! Yay me! ( patting myself on the back for a job well done! and thanking the internet for giving me all the right answers, lol. Seriously, no need to feel nervous when you're getting ready for an interview. Just google the questions you know they'll ask and you get a humongous assortment of great answers! ) So much so that the 2nd lady that interviewed me actually told me she was very impressed with me... okay, okay. I threw in the 'very' 'cause it makes it sound better, BUT she did say she was impressed... Yeah, why wouldn't she be, right?!?!? I tend to do that to people, you know, impress them!
( hahahahahahahahah , excuse me please ... even I had to laugh at that one )
Well anyways, I got her approval and now I move on in the hiring process.
I have a panel interview today!!!!!!!!!
Did you all hear that?!?!?
A panel interview!!!
wtf! I'm not applying for state governor or anything. Why do we need a panel of people interviewing me?????? Isn't only one enough!!!!!
If I was nervous yesterday before my interview when only 1 person was asking me bs questions like: tell me a little bit about yourself, why should I hire you over the other applicants, what skills will you be bringing that differ from everybody else's, where do you see yourself in 5 years, what is your weakness, what is your strength, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah! Now can you imagine 4 or 5 different bigshots sitting there, asking me their own questions?!??! I not only have to bs 1 person, but a whole bunch of them. Wow! I can easily bullshit myself through 1, but 5 at a time... Why oh why must they gang up on me????
Breathe! Just breathe!
((( taking big breaths here )))
I just have to repeat to myself: I believe in myself. I can do it. I have what it takes. I'm a hard worker. I. AM. A . BADASS!!!
Just a couple hundred more times of repeating this to myself and I will believe it.
And then I will nail this panel interview as well. Oops, that didn't sound right. Not that I will nail the panel, but I will nail the interview with the panel. Hmmm, although the 1st scenario sounds like it would definitely help my chances of getting the job.
Hmmm, something to think about I guess.
In the meantime, can you all just cross your fingers for me? Please send good wishes and good vibes my way. And if it isn't too much to ask for, I'd love a little prayer. I really, really, really need this job. At this point I'd almost take ANY job, but the good thing is that this sounds like a pretty decent one so I'd really, really, really like to get hired by them. Hopefully good wishes and prayers work, 'cause I really don't wanna nail all 5 of them, lol!!!
((( kidding ok, just kidding!!! )))


Diane said...

Ooooooh... fingers are crossed! Come back tonight and let me know how it went!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

ur so stinking cute! i'm glad you nailed the first interviews...and the panel...what in the world? that's a new one for me. i have done all day interviews with a variety of folks, but a panel....hmmm. u must be uber important! so don't keep it secret...u have to tell how it went asap!

Rachel said...

You are sooooo cute! You crack me up; I love how you type it's as if we are chatting with you!

I am sure you will NAIL them LOL

Good luck...keep us posted!

Jen said...

I wish you the best of luck! You can do it. Go nail them! ;)

Joy said...

Well I am late but I hope it went well and we will get the answer soon

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Just commented on your other blog. Love the design of this one. So cute!

Don't you love the feeling a nailing a job interview. Honestly... I had that experience once and it went down as one of my top 10 best experiences ever. CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you get the job. Keep us posted.

Hope you are having a great holiday season!